Twitter isn’t happy with Allison Williams right now.

The 29-year-old Girls star came under fire for her racist comments at Sunday night’s MTV Movie and TV Awards.

So what actually happened to get everyone riled up?

Allison Williams, who was presenting the award for Best Kiss, plays the part of racist Rose Armitage on ‘Get Out’. She does it rather well, hence her Best Villain nomination at the awards.

She then asks her Get Out co-star Lil Rey Howery, who is also presenting the award with her, to give her some tips on getting black people’s trust back after playing the racist character. Already, this is getting a bit risky…

She then takes it upon herself to come up with her own tasteless suggestions, which is the part that really got people angry.

Suggestions such as “making it illegal to ask, ‘can I touch your hair?’” and saying George Washington’s face should be replaced with Denzel Washington’s on Mount Rushmore were not well received for obvious reasons.

Here are a few of the disgruntled Tweets:

Allison Williams saying yes to the “lets make playful racist jokes” bit for the MTV awards BLOWS ME AWAY

Update: am now sitting on the floor watching Allison Williams make race jokes …

Those racial jokes were not funny, #AllisonWilliams #MTVAwards

I just caught @MTV best kiss congrats @AshDSanders for his win! but #AllisonWilliams was Not funny. White privilege at its finest #Nomore

#AllisonWilliams did you forget you’re not Marnie anymore? The racist jokes though… #MTVMovieandTVAwards2017

We all know that she probably didn’t write the “jokes” herself, so she shouldn’t be the only one to get the blame here.

Someone in the script department is getting fired, for sure…