Although nothing is official – the twins’ births still haven’t been registered yet – it’s being reported that Beyoncé and Jay Z are in a huge rush to trademark their little ones’ names.

At the end of last week, it was hinted that Beyonce and Jay Z called their little bundles of joy Rumi Carter and Sir Carter.

And according to TMZ, a company has already filed the trademarks for their names – the same company, in fact, which filed the trademark for little Blue Ivy’s name.

The internet has been going crazy trying to figure out if the names have any hidden meanings or where the names even came from, and we think it may have cracked it…

The name Rumi might very well be a reference to 13th century Persian poet Jalaluddin al-Rumi, while Sir is referenced in one of his most famous poems.

Check out the sample below:

Bring the pure wine of love and freedom.

But sir, a tornado is coming.

More wine, we’ll teach this storm

A thing or two about whirling.

Pretty cool, right?