Photo Credit: Simran Twitter

Boots, the beauty retailer, have just been criticized for implying that brown and black skin colours are “not normal”.

Allow us to explain…

It all began rather innocently, when a sun screen section of Boots featured a skin chart of different skin types and colours, to try and help customers choose the right SPF/sun protection for their skin.

However, one customer called out Boots on Twitter (standard) for their choice of wording, and even included a picture of the offending skin tone colour chart…

“yo @BootsUK, just wondering what constitutes as a ‘normal’ skin colour and why brown and black is implied to be abnormal? lmk!! :))” – Simran (@Simisear_)

A great question! And we’re pleased to say that Boots have taken this rather seriously, and have not only issued an apology, but have also removed the chart altogether.

That’s what we like to see!

“We’d like to thank our customers for bringing this isolated incident to our attention,” a Boots spokesperson told Huffington Post.

“We can confirm the content featured was not official Boots show material and we have removed the chart immediately.

“We apologize for any offense this has caused.”

Well done Boots for rectifying this so quickly!

And well done Simran for speaking up and bringing the chart to their attention!