What the heck happened to Drake? Jennifer Lopez has a new man, as it’s just been revealed that she and former New York Yankees baseball star Alex Rodriguez are officially dating!

But don’t get excited for wedding bells or anything like that – the relationship is still very new and, if we are to believe sources, not even that serious!

“This is very, very new,” a source told E! News. “It’s not serious at all. J. Lo is just dating.”

“Jennifer and Alex are both not looking for a relationship, just a good light-hearted time. They are on the exact same page.”

Interesting! We’ll be keeping a very close eye on these two… they sure do make an attractive couple, that’s for sure!

As for Drake – sources claim that the pair are still on good terms, but drifted apart over the past few months because of their understandably vert hectic and demanding schedules.