Although the Kardashian family tend to stick together in troubled times, this might be an exception…

The Kardashian klan are unsurprisingly said to be “disgusted” by Rob’s actions over the past few days, in particular posting NSFW images of the mother of his daughter on Instagram.

And it’s exactly baby Dream who the Kardashians are thinking about. Although sources have suggested that they are on neither Rob nor Blac Chyna’s side in this epic fight, they are prepared to stick together for the sake of baby Dream.

“They are concerned for Dream and the potential impact this kind of behaviour will have on her,” an insider told E! News.  

“Having two parents who are at war with one other is not a healthy situation. Rob has a tendency to act impulsively and not think about what he is doing and who it might affect.

“He gets hysterical and the only way he can deal with it is to lash out at Chyna and try to humiliate her.

“It feels good in the moment, but afterwards he always feels bad and wishes he hadn’t done or said the things he did.

“The Kardashians are very concerned for Dream and for Rob.”

Understatement of the century…

“This kind of public meltdown is not acceptable and Rob knows that, he just can’t control his impulses,” the source added.

“They are disappointed in him and trying to teach him that he needs to put Dream first.”

We don’t think he was thinking of his daughter during his social media meltdown… and we certainly don’t think it’ll help him if a custody battle ensues.

What will the future hold for Rob and Blac Chyna?

Watch this space!