The news of Kim Kardashian’s new make up line KKW Beauty has barely been out for 48 hours, but it’s already facing some serious backlash.  More specifically, the promo picture she posted on social media.

While attempting to promote her cream contour kit, the first product in Kim’s highly anticipated make up collection, she posted an image of herself sporting what we believe to be the make up in question. So far so good, right?

However, we don’t think she anticipated all the backlash she received from Twitter users, who have quite bluntly accused her of using ‘blackface’ for the promo pictures.

Here are just a few of the disgruntled Tweets:

@KimKardashian You dont have to do blackface

Black women get told to lighten meanwhile Kim spends her entire career in perpetual Black face and is lauded for her beauty.

Who put Kim K in blackface for her ad?
Why is she 100 years late with a contour kit?

How did a team of PR people all look at the photo of Kim in blackface and then tell her to post it AND make it her avi?

Always telling us to calm down lmao,she’s never looked this dark in her life please don’t start with “it’s a shadow”

I love Kim but that’s def black face in the form of makeup she is no where near that dark

Kim K did blackface. Which is why she deleted her tweet. But I won’t get into that bc I know how delusional her Black & non Black stans are.

Of course, there are also people who think the blackface claims are ridiculous and are on Kim’s side…

So anyone who tans is doing blackface now?? Good grief! Time for an asteroid to hit the earth! No intelligent life left down here!

So? Is it illegal to tan now? Jeeeezzz

Take a look at the pics side by side and let us know your thoughts on this controversial topic.