When will Piers Morgan learn to keep his mouth shut?

His latest offensive comments took place on Good Morning Britain, where he unapologetically body shamed Kim Kardashian for being photographed with cellulite.

Kim was snapped by paparazzi while on holiday in Mexico, and the lack of Photoshop and airbrushing meant that some of her cellulite was visible.

Women around the world were ecstatic with the news that even Kim K has cellulite too, and most of them agreed that she still looked incredible!

Piers Morgan, however, didn’t seem to share their opinions…

“The great thing about these pics is she’s not flawless like every other woman, like every other man, none of us is flawless. Present company excluded,” he began.

“Why would we celebrate it? We put up with it, tolerate it, but not accept it.

“Flaws should not be celebrated. My thoughts are, she’s just launched her new emoji of her backside next to an ashtray — which she’s called it ‘ass tray’ — so I think her posterior is fair game.”

We think it’s fair to say that neither Kim nor any other woman would agree that her posterior – or anyone’s for that matter – is fair game.

Learn when to keep quiet, Piers!

Watch the offending conversation in the video, below: