Danish Victoria’s Secret Angel Josephine Skriver has opened up about what it was like growing up with two gay parents, in a bid to help normalize non-traditional upbringings in support of the LGBTQ community.

She has opened up about being an IVF baby in the past, but the way in which she was conceived is particularly inspiring…

“My mom put in an ad saying she was a lesbian mom seeking a gay dad to start a non-conventional family,” she said in the Harper’s Bazaar One Take video series.

“Growing up with two sets of gay parents made me outgoing and open-minded,”she continued.

At the age of four, I was the one dragging my family to the gay parade; I wanted to yell loud and proud.

I was always very open about explaining where I was from.

The more you fight for who you are and what you believe in the more right the world will be.

Watch the video below to hear the full story and feel inspired.