Whenever the topic is related to sex, the majority of the people, whether its a man or a woman have certain fears and insecurities hidden deep inside them. This happens mostly because of the lack of adequate knowledge on sex and its related issues. Sex or making love is a beautiful thing and it is the fear that can spoil all the excitement and the charm associated with it.

Men have their own insecurities with sex

It has often been found that fear completely cripples the sexual performance and hampers the beautiful moment that every couple wish to have. Men are considered to be strong, courageous and fearless. But, when it comes to sex, they too have some insecurities and fears inside, which they are hesitate to discuss with their partners.

Let us have a look at some of the common fears that every guy across the globe have in respect to sex or intercourse.

1. The fear of being a bad performer during the sexual intercourse

The majority of the guys have the belief that they can perform well during sex. But, they have an innermost fear deep inside them and are terrified that what if they are unable to perform in bed. This is one of the reasons why guys always prefer to visit the bathroom before the sexual intercourse. Condom is just an excuse that they make. Basically, they might be praying for giving their best shots.

2. Forgetting about the condom

Men don’t want any kind of mess, especially with pregnancy when they are not ready to tke any added responsibility. Moreover, having a safe sex is always better. But, often guys fear that they moght forget carrying the condom with them while spending a night with their girlfriends. Asking about it from their girls will make them appear dumb.

3. The concern of being sweaty and with bad odor

A man has to take care about his bad odor during sex  because no one like smelly and sweaty man in the bed. If you don’t want to be like a smelly and wet dog in front of your partner, you should book or visit those hotels or bars which have air conditioning and ignore the long walking before intimacy or sex.

4. Fear of rejection

Many guys fear about the rejection after having sex because they are not good during the sexual activity. They go through several questions in their mind. Are they satisfying his partner or not? Is he able to cater to the sexual needs and desires of his partner or not?

5. Mistakenly wear the wrong underwear

Picking the right underwear is the important thing at the time of sexual action. If you wear an underwear, which is in a bad condition and shows skid marks it will turn off the whole situation. In fact, even you feel ashamed or humiliated. Hence, make sure that you don’t get suppressed with the fear and make the mistake.

6. Worrying about the physical stamina

Most of the guys fear about the lack of strength and stamina during the sexual intercourse. A man is very much concerned about satisfying his partner and making her feel the pleasure. But often men fear that they won’t have the physical stamina to hold on and make his partner cum.

7. The concern of premature ejaculation

This is the main fear which most of the guys face in their daily life. It is actually a psychological problem that can arise with age of men. During sex activity, men should stay calm and strong. The premature ejaculation will make your partner unhappy and unsatisfied and hence it is required to be avoided.

8. Fear of having small size of penis

There are guys who are concerned about their small size of the penis. He often thinks what if his partner makes fun of the small penis. The feel of it makes him upset and disappointed. In fact, he also believes that the size of the penis will affect his performance in bed.

9. What if something goes wrong or happen badly

Sex is a very sensual and emotional matter or physical activity. If anything happens wrong or sometimes some embarrassing thing happens that will make the whole situation worse. If any bad things happen at the time of sex that will turn off the atmosphere.

10. Fear of becoming a laughing matter

A man is always worried about the needs of a woman. He is concerned whether he will be able to cater them or not. He wants to be really good at sex with his partner during sex activity. But if a woman feels awful and terrible in the bed, then this will become a big issue or fear for the man.

11. Fear of falling asleep

If a guy falls asleep during his sex activity or before having sex with his partner, then he has to live with the guilt forever. This can be a shameful and embarrassing matter for him.

The above mentioned are the few concerns that men are often worried about.