When it comes to acceptance to interracial marriage, I would like to believe that we are better off than we were in 1995, right? According to a poll by YouGov, the numbers are at 83%. Pretty impressive I must say.

However, an article on “Newsweek” decided to take a negative spin on things. They chose to focus on the small number of Americans who still have an issue with interracial marriage, those that feel that its “morally wrong”.

Christelyn Karazin of “Beyond Black and White” wonders “why this article was framed this way”. She is not sure why they took the negative route saying; “That 17% is a good reminder that not everyone will agree with your relationship, but… WHO CARES??!”

The mentioned article also broke down this lack of acceptance in terms of race insisting how 17% of whites have an issue. Blacks were at 18% and Hispanics at 15%.

I agree with Karazin on this one. The article should have focused on the positive. And make the negative just but a mere footnote, don’t you think? If we are the progressive nation we are, then we need to see things as they are. People are OK with interracial unions. As for the few who aren’t, who cares? If they have chosen to maintain a narrow mind, let them not drag us behind. They have actively made the choice to lag behind and be in denial about our improved racial tolerance.

As for highlighting these negative stats, why do you think the article chose these negative route?