Ever since the Great Recession, people have been on the lookout for any way they can find to save money.  Added to that, a lot of people are concerned GMOs and the quality of the food  from grocery stores.

This has led many people to start looking into the prospect of growing their own food.  There’s a lot to be said for that idea.  Food is, after all, a significant part of any household’s monthly budget.  The problem though is that many people actually have no idea how to grow their own food.  We’re not an agrarian society any more, and those skills have simply fallen into disuse.

Good news: You can actually grow an amazing amount of your own food, right in your backyard!

Here are a number of tips and tricks to help you get started:

The Biointensive Method

You can find an extensive collection of video tutorials outlining the biointensive method.  Specifically designed to optimize outputs on small footprint garden plots, you’ll find that this method is like gardening on steroids, and is well worth the time to learn.

The Square Foot Method


While you can certainly employ square foot gardening in your yard proper, it is most commonly employed in a series of raised beds.  Most major hardware store chains sell these pre-made, but with a few basic tools and a bit of elbow grease, you can absolutely make your own perfectly serviceable raised beds and start planting!

Grow Towers

Of course, not everyone owns their own homes, and even if they do, there may not be a lot of yard space to devote to gardening, no matter how much you’d like to.  Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for that, and it takes the form of grow towers.

In fact, there are tons of great tutorials on Youtube showing you how you can make your own grow towers using recycled 2-liter soda bottles.  Given how easy it is to acquire these, you can probably build as many grow towers as you have room for, for next to nothing.

Make Your Own Compost

One of the biggest keys to gardening success is the quality of your soil.  If you have poor soil, then you’re not going to have a good crop, no matter what you do.  Compost is the key to good soil but there’s a problem.  It takes forever to make!  Luckily, there’s a super easy way around that.

Here’s what you do:

Buy a blender from a thrift store.  Each morning, put your coffee grounds, egg shells, and vegetable matter into the blender, adding enough water to essentially make a “Dirt Smoothie.”  Then, simply pour this pureed mixture onto your soil, any time you’d normally water.

Doing this infuses your soil with everything it needs to help improve its productivity, and it reduces the amount of garbage you generate, making it a win-win.  Happy plants produce more food for you!


The bottom line is that it’s super easy to grow a surprising amount of your own food, even if you have limited space.  If it’s something you decide you want to do, start paying close attention to the prices you’re paying at the grocery store, and grow the most expensive items on your shopping list.  As a result, you’ll save a tremendous amount of money in a short time.