In the complex world of dating, as females we’ve all found ourselves interested in a guy who, for whatever reason, is not interested in us. We spend a lot of time agonizing over this guy instead of looking at the signs he gives off saying he’s not interested in us. To save time, and unnecessary heartache, here are some primary signs he’s just not that into you:

He Rarely, or Never, Calls

call-waitingWhen a guy is really interested in you, he calls. It may be a short conversation setting up a date. It may be an hours-long conversation where you really start getting to know each other. Point being, he picked up the phone and actually called. If you find yourself initiating the phone calls, and he always cuts the calls short – it’s a prime signal he doesn’t want to spend time with you.

He Never Wants to be Alone

If the fellow you’re interested in only sees you in group settings, it’s a good bet he doesn’t want to be alone with you. When a guy is interested in a girl, he wants to spend time alone with her. And not just to be intimate; spending time alone lets you get to know each other. It also allows you both to determine if you’re compatible – in interests, philosophies, goals, and ambitions – before you start the intimacy dance.

He Doesn’t Want to be Intimate

intimateA man I respect once told me, “Guys only need three things to be happy in life – sex, food, and work.” If your guy doesn’t want to get physical with you on a regular basis, something’s amiss in your relationship. Most guys will sleep with a girl just to satisfy their need for sex. But if your guy is only using you to alleviate his physical needs, he’s just not that into you. You need to move on. If every occasional visit is just for sex and he leaves right after, he’s not interested in you as a person. He is also not interested in the possibility of a long-term relationship. So start saying no and find somebody else.

He Doesn’t Want to Hear Your Opinions

Someone hearing what you say is critical to a healthy, long-term relationship. If the object of your interest has only shallow, superficial conversations with you and appears disinterested when you voice an opinion, he’s not looking at you as a potential relationship partner. Time to throw this one back into the dating pool and start over.

Let’s face it – dating is hard, and the chances that someone will hurt you are high. Why let yourself in for heartache, when you can tell if a guy is interested before you get too involved? Not every guy you like is going to like you back – that’s just a given; using these signs lets you find out early on if the object of your interest is actually interested in you as well. Concentrate on guys who do seem to be into you. Look for these four signs before you dive in too deep. It will save you from a lot of unnecessary pain.