During the cold seasons, people usually think that there are no winter holiday ideas to get them away from their ‘boring’ routine lives of being tucked under a heavy blanket in front of the TV or fireplace. So the summer holidays are everyone’s ideal vacationing plan. But has it ever occurred to you that during winter is when you really crave and deserve a break? I will have you know that there are winter holiday getaways that can actually give you that well-deserved break, excitement, and satisfaction.

Love is All Colors knows a thing or two about how you can still vacation during winter. Scroll on to find out what we have compiled for you…

Best vacation spots for couples during winter

Summer vacations have been getting too much attention… Don’t you agree? Whether you are searching for a vacationing spot to snuggle up, freeze up or thaw out with your special someone this year, then we have got you covered. Here are some of the best vacation spots for couples to enjoy this winter.


Whenever you are searching for winter holiday ideas much as people underrate this European country this is a very gorgeous country to visit. Trust me, we are not exaggerating. Just pay this gorgeous mountainous country and you will see for yourself. If anything, like most people, we are probably selling it short.

For a country that small, Slovenia is one of the best places to visit in January. Winter is a magical season in Slovenia. It has a wildly vast topography for tourists to explore. People even call it  “mini Europe”. Meaning this little country has the best Europe has to offer.

Some of the things you can do here are visit Ljubljana if you want historic architecture or skiing in the Instagram worthy ski resorts in the Alps. There is also the alpine paradise of Lake Bohinj in case you want a picturesque tableau of the countryside. If you are even looking for the best places to travel in February too, you will love this country this time of year. Much as it can get pretty cold, the Coastal areas offer milder and more comfortable weather. Plus, this country is shockingly affordable to explore.


This is also one of the warm places to visit in December in USA. It is the prime whale watching season with the island of Maui as the perfect spot. Coming a close second is Kauai. Plus this is the best time for surfing.

The break in the North Shore of Oahu is legendary and at its peak in December and January. Much as traveling costs rise in December, they decrease dramatically in February and March.

During winter, Kauai is dry, making it perfect for exploration. There are so many islands to explore. So if you are looking for winter holiday getaways, take advantage of the multi-island vacations that are offered by Hawaiian Airlines. Opt for the island hopping package. Aloha and Mahalo.


The other winter holiday ideas destination to consider is Belize. Much as it is similar to Slovenia because of its mountainous environs this country boasts for its superb travel destinations that are underrated by most. Well, watch this space. Not for long.

So if you are looking for warm places to visit in December in USA then Belize is the place to be as it has a tropical ambiance, beautiful jungles, and delicious cocktails. If I am the one to predict, then Belize seems to be a country that will one day be infamous for being the go-to Caribbean destination for the cool people.

One thing we can hail Belize for is that it is a fascinating destination for nature-lovers and diving-enthusiasts. The country has also doubled its marine protected spots. And the best time to enjoy all this is to travel to this tiny country during winter. At the same time, you will get to enjoy the John Canoe Festival which features traditional Creole and Garifuna dancing competitions as well as the San Pedro Holiday Boat Parade in the month of December making this country irresistible to visit this time of year. So you will get to feast your eyes the colorfully-lit boats parade along the shoreline and dance at the same time.

New Zealand

Much as it is winter in the US, the best place to visit if you want to run away from the winter weather is New Zealand. December to February is the summer period. And during summer this country presents the best weather it has to offer. Now, that said, that great weather also comes with thicker tourist crowds higher prices and strained accommodation availability. But if you are looking for the best places to visit in January after the Christmas holidays, then you should consider this.

Home to the infamous All Blacks and Kiwis this country is worth all the hype – 100%Pure New Zealand is what you will experience. It’s breathtaking. It doesn’t matter what you are doing – taking a stroll, wine tasting in the country or having an adventure helicopter-hiking on glaciers in the Southern Alps, this is your number one travel destination as has everything to offer.

While there make sure you travel up north and fully enjoy summertime when the weather is warmest as you enjoy the great outdoors.


One of the best places to travel in February is Turkey now that Turkish Airlines have expanded routes and increased airlift as well as the recently-opened Business Class Lounge. So seeing as its February, there is no better time to take that vacation with ease and style to Turkey. And you know what? Turkey is an enticing country all year round.

Since we are focusing on winter holiday ideas, then we have to mention the gorgeous region of Cappadocia in Central Anatolia. This place has a unique landscape and distinctive rock formations. This place is also famous for hot air ballooning and its Insta-ready features.

These rock formations are a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred over three million years ago. So what better way to observe this eye-tantalizing landscape than from high in the sky in the colorful hot-air balloons? And this beautiful scenery looks extra beautiful during winter when there is a touch of snow.

One other advantage of visiting Cappadocia in the wintertime is that it is less crowded hence you have higher chances of getting a spot in one of the balloons. So make sure you book them in advance if you want to enjoy the ride and view the captivating landscape.

Now that you know where your next winter trip will be, read this article on bare travel essentials for men and women.