As the song says, everybody’s working for the weekend; sometimes you just need to dump the kids on the grandparents and get away, even if it’s just for the weekend. Being a parent is hard work, on top of working for a living; blow off the stress with a fabulous, albeit short, trip away from it all. Make it a date with your spouse or significant other, to get reacquainted.

Where to Go

Where you go depends on any things – where you live, what your interests are, how tight your budget is, and how tight your schedules are. If it’s school time, you pretty much have to be back late Sunday, unless your babysitters are willing to get the kids to and from school on Monday.

Hike the Mountains or Swim at the Beach

hikingIf you live within a few hours’ drive of the mountains or the beach, consider one of these for a short trip. Arriving at your destination late Friday gives you all day Saturday and most of Sunday to have fun and still be back in time for the Monday morning grind. If the drive is onerous but the budget is flexible, consider flying to and from your destination.

Visit a Fun City

Take a trip to a place you’ve never been but always wanted to see, like New York or Washington D.C. A weekend trip by plane gives you time to sightsee during the day and see a Broadway show at night, after a fabulous dinner at a five-star restaurant. Or, see the nation’s capital; visit the Smithsonian Institute, the World War II Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. Attend a concert, or visit the club scene – whatever suits your fancy.

See a Sporting Event

Attend an out-of-town football game, or go to a college basketball tournament. See a NASCAR race and watch Dale Earnhardt, JR take on his competitors. If you follow a specific team, get tickets to an away game and enjoy visiting the city where the game is happening.

Go to the Fair

Most states have a state fair; find out when and where your state’s fair is happening and take a weekend trip. This is one for the whole family, so bring the kids if you have them and let them see what a cow really looks like while they eat corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Go Fishing

fishingIn addition to being a fun date, this is a good father-son trip, or you can take the whole family to an event like Alabama’s Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. This is an annual event, held in the Gulf of Mexico off the Alabama coast. You can visit historic cities, catch large fish, and end up the day at a seafood restaurant serving fish caught locally in the Gulf.

Visit an Arts and Craft Festival

Arts and crafts festivals are happening almost everywhere. You can find a local one and support your local craft community, or you can travel to a large, well-known one, such as the Yellow Daisy Festival, held at Stone Mountain every year. Try traveling to Atlanta, visit the sights, and spend a day out at Stone Mountain, attending the festival during the day and watching the Laser Show at night. You can find all kinds of deals on unusual items at these festivals, so get in some early Christmas shopping while you get away.

These six getaway ideas are just that – ideas. Do some research and set up your own fabulous weekend getaway suited perfectly for you and your significant other, or your entire family. It will be well worth your while!