Do you have a diehard do-it-yourselfer in your life?  Someone who’s always tinkering, experimenting, and building things that amaze and astonish you and your friends?  It takes talent, of course, but talent can be augmented by having the right tools.  Below, you’ll find a collection of fantastic gift ideas that are sure to make the do-it-yourselfer in your life smile.

The RoboReel

One of the biggest problems with DIY projects is getting power where it’s needed.  Having to manually run extension cords that help make the magic happen can be a major time sink.  RoboReel solves the issue.  This ceiling-mounted set of extension cords puts power where you need it, and automatically retracts the cables when you’re done.  A fantastic gift for any builder.

The Raven Riding Lawn Mower

DIYers love tools that serve several functions, simultaneously.  What could be better then, than a riding lawn mower that also serves as an ATV, and a powerful generator?  You can cut the grass on your off days, remove the cutting deck and drive to the project site, then plug into the generator and power your tools.  It’s absolutely fantastic!

Matter and Form Digitizer

If you know a “Maker” then odds are, he or she makes heavy use of 3d printers.  The problem though, can sometimes be that you’ve got to hand-model all your designs.  But what if there was a tool that allowed you to simply scan an existing object and then replicate it?  Actually, there is!  This handy device will allow you to take a detailed 3d scan of anything placed on it.  The image is converted into a data file that can be used by a 3d printer to make a copy.  It’s not quite as cool as Star Trek transporter technology, but it’s in the neighborhood!

CNC Pirhana FX

This is a mini CNC with a 12”x18” table designed for custom detail work, allowing any maker to create finished goods of unbelievable quality.  The software is included, and the unit is run via a touch screen interface, so you can get started in minutes.  A great addition to any workshop!

Cordless Chainsaw

While this isn’t the tool you want to take with you deep into the forest, it’s fine for those smaller jobs near the home (and charging station) where you need a bit of muscle.  Cordless chainsaws are considerably quieter, too!

Glowforge Laser Cutter

Having your very own laser in your garage opens up a world of possibility and potential.  With this tool, you can do almost anything you can dream.  When combined with the other tools in any self-respecting DIYers garage, the possibilities become truly endless.

Instructables Membership

You can, of course, view all the projects on Instructables for free, but with the paid annual membership, you get the ability to download and print PDFs containing the steps to take each project from idea to reality.  This is truly one of those gifts that just keeps on giving.  Never again will your favorite do-it-yourselfer want for project ideas.

There are tons of other great gift ideas for a do-it-yourselfer, but these will give you lots of options to consider!