When people use the term sexy, automatically, our minds wonder off to some almost naked woman in Victoria Secrets lingerie. There also are some physical features that people use to describe a sexy woman. These include chiseled tummy, huge-full boobs, long legs to name a few. But much as this qualifies as sexy, it doesn’t quite give the true picture of what the word really represents.

This article will explore a much deeper meaning of the word. Below are some of the qualities a woman can possess that will make her even more sexier.

1. Confidence

There is nothing more appealing than a woman who exudes confidence. A woman who maintains eye contact, smiles and walks with her head held high is key. This has got nothing to do with looks.

Confidence is one trait which is not only appealing in the attraction sense but also lays a foundation for a brighter future. It is the key to success. A woman who is able to go for what she wants is very sexy.

2. Ambition

Ambitious woman is one with a sense of purpose and drive. There is nothing more sexier for a man than a woman who is ambitious. This is because ambition makes a man know that the woman will be his teammate and they can take on the world together.

3. Passion

This is passion for anything that drives you; be it life, music, work… Being in your zone and love doing what you do best with all your heart is very sexy.

4. Kindness

Being compassionate is one quality most individuals lack. A woman who is nice to other people regardless of what they do for a living, race or where they are from shows depth and inner beauty. This is the kind of woman whom you know will always treat you right.

5. Honesty

An honest woman is a genuine woman. This is a woman who is true to herself and her feelings – someone who will always be straight forward with you. Who would want to be with a beautiful liar? Honesty builds trust. Trust builds lasting relationships.

6. Intelligence

Much as this is not something you can gauge from the word go, men love conversations that have depth or intrigue. A woman who can challenge your intellect is very sexy. This is someone you can make a real connection with and have real discussions about meaningful topics. Intelligence will always trump shallow beauty.

7. Class

Class has got nothing to do with the expensive clothes a woman wears or the expensive car she drives. Its all about how you carry yourself – respectfully,  with dignity and grace. Class is also the level of respect you award others. An ugly attitude has never appealed to anyone.

Much as there is nothing wrong with putting some of your attention on physical appearance, physical attraction can’t and will never be the only glue that holds a relationship together.  Most relationships based on the physical don’t last long.  So if you want men to find you irresistibly sexy, start cultivating the above qualities. That’s the true kind of sexy.