As busy as everyone is these days, anything that can be done to save time and make time consuming tasks go more quickly is a godsend.  With that in mind, here are a collection of handy tips you can use in the kitchen, starting today, that will help make short work of tasks you’d rather not spend too much time on, giving you more time for the things you truly enjoy doing!

Quick Kitchen Cleanup


Let’s face it, kitchens can be a nightmare to keep clean.  There’s debris lurking in your toaster, in the vegetable drawers of your fridge, and about a million other places, and all that stuff takes precious time to keep tidy.

A simple fix is to keep a hand vac in your kitchen.  It makes short work of those crumbs and bits of debris in hard to reach places.  Simply follow up with a damp cleaning cloth and you’re done in seconds!

A Burnt Pan


Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, the pots and pans you use for cooking get blackened over time.  Sure, you can stand at the sink and scrub them for hours, but who wants to do that when there’s a simpler, faster solution?

Just add some water to the pan in question, add baking soda on top of that and bring to a boil (which won’t take long to do).  Reduce to a simmer and whisk the black spots away!

Your Waffle Iron


The lowly Waffle Iron is probably the least appreciated appliance you have in your kitchen.  It’s a pity, really, because it’s such a versatile tool.  Among other things, you can use it to make instant hash browns and world-class bacon in a flash.  If you’re a fan of breakfast meals any time of the day, you can greatly reduce preparation time just by making better and more creative use of your waffle iron.

Squeeze Bottles


Speaking of breakfast, when it comes to making pancakes or waffles, put your batter into an empty Ketchup or similar plastic bottle.  Less mess, and faster pancakes!

Instant Gluten-Free Bread Crumbs


If someone you’re cooking for is gluten intolerant, but your recipe calls for bread crumbs, rather than spending tons of time or money, there’s a simple fix.  Just pour some brown rice cereal into your food processor.  You can make perfect, gluten free bread crumbs in a matter of seconds.

Fast Custom Spice Blends


Forget the old mortar and pestle.  If you want to make fantastic total custom spice blends for whatever recipe you’re working on, toss your ingredients into a coffee bean grinder and blend away!  In less than ten seconds, you’ll have the perfect blend.

Instant Scrambled Eggs


It can be a real pain to break out all the pots, pans and utensils you need for meal preparation, and cleaning the pan after you’ve scrambled eggs can be time consuming.  Fortunately, there’s a faster way.  Simply whisk your eggs in a coffee cup and microwave for 45 seconds to 1 minute (depending on the microwave).  Done and done!

And there you have it.  The more time you can save in the kitchen, the more time you’ll have to enjoy your family!