When a man and a woman are friends there will always be sexual tension. Not necessarily from both sides but 99.9% of the time one of the two parties will find the other attractive. And there is nothing wrong with that! Close friends often make great couples. Because it’s important to have a strong foundation laid out before you.

Trust, communication and respect. These are some of the core tenants of any successful union. But they also make up some of the most essential parts of any great friendship. By building these traits with your significant other during the pre-dating phase, your already on the path to a more perfect union.

People search for love in the wrong places. Lust and love are too vastly different emotions but everyone seems to get them confused on a fairly regular basis. Physical attraction versus Psychological attraction, that is the major difference that folks just can’t seem to wrap their noggins around. Because most of the time when you’re out on the dating scene meeting people in bars and hooking up with people on dating websites it goes terribly wrong if you’re looking for something real.

If you’re looking for a little fling here and there then what I’ve just said above doesn’t really apply to you. Keep on keeping on. You’re doing exactly what supposed to be doing. Your swimming alongside your fellow fish in the great blue sea and your giving them a second of your time. And then their gone from your life forever and it matters very little what kind of personality they have and whether it would have been compatible with yours.

But so many of us have people in our lives who are really only good for hook-ups and try to find the datable qualities within. Well let me save you a little bit of time. There not there because that’s not the reason you brought this person into your life in the first place and now you’re trying to turn them into something that their not.

It’s a great advantage for single people who are only looking for a physical attraction. Because physical attraction is an instantaneous decision and it can be made in an instant. And for the most part it’s a decision that your hormones and your body make for you and your conscious mind has very little say in the matter. But while instantaneous attraction is very easy to find, it takes years to find long lasting attraction

Long lasting attraction requires a psychological attraction meaning that you’re just as equally turned on by their mind as you are their body. Sometimes your so attracted to their mind that you can actually manage to over-look some of their less appealing physical features. And most of the time you won’t find those people in the dating scene. More often then not you find them in your own social circle.