Interracial or intercultural relationships have more than their share of minefields. So be cautious if you choose to become closer to your love and his or her family and friends by adopting various facets of their culture. Your goal should be to deepen the connections and show respect. Don’t make these important people in your life uncomfortable or even angry. While borrowing from and trying to integrate into their culture be cautious. You can also have a peek at a comprehensive historical look at interracial relationships through the time.

Outward Appearance

Choosing to dress and accessorize in a manner similar to your partner’s culture can be tricky. First of all, what is considered cultural dress can be fluid. Your understanding of what the appropriately-dressed person from your partner’s culture may perpetuate a stereotype rather than celebrating the vitality and importance of their traditions and way of life. Second, cultural dress, jewelry, and hairstyles can encompass sacred traditions. These you may not understand and may not have earned the right to possess.

You may also misapprehend what contemporary members of the culture actually choose to wear for everyday garb. Wearing a traditional costume that most in the culture do only for ceremonies or special occasions can be construed as garish and insensitive. Your inclination to fit in may instead make you stand out, and not in the best way.

Mannerisms And Attitude

Being part of any healthy relationship usually includes each partner being true to him or herself. If you find yourself drawn to practices and ways of doing things that are common in your partner’s community be sure you are reevaluating your effect. Don’t just mimic what you have seen. Think of it as developing a new view of the world. This is one that slowly becomes familiar and easy follow with time and practice. Simply acting without understanding and changing within may seem shallow and disrespectful.

How To Avoid Insulting Those You Want To Please

Talk first with your partner about your desire to honor his or her culture by modifying your usual wardrobe. Discuss what would make your partner feel at ease as you begin the change in response to this new convention.

Then clarify how you might want to blend his or her culture’s traits and behaviors with your personality. Always keep in mind that your partner was attracted to you and may not expect or even want you to undergo a complete cultural change.

Focus on the fact that the relationship and mutual respect that are the keys, not the opportunity you now may feel you have to “try on” a different look or strike a new attitude. Do not cheapen your interest in the traditions and culture important to your partner by resorting only to superficial efforts that feel like appropriation rather than thoughtful assimilation.

If your partner has a friend or relative of your gender willing to work with you, consider talking through your eagerness to adopt their ways. Cultivating a genuine and honest relationship with both your partner and those close to him or her helps you make better-informed decisions that you and your new-found family can feel good about.