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There are fresh concerns over Amanda Bynes this week, as the 33-year-old actress has reportedly fled the sober living facility she voluntarily checked herself into a few months ago.

The facility has stern guidelines in terms of drug testing, as well as a strict curfew, which is why the star’s friends and family are concerned that she could have gone off the rails.

According to The Blast, Amanda “bailed on her sober living facility” and also “dropped out of school”.

The school the source was referring to was a fashion design school, as the actress wanted to continue to pursue her dreams of a fashion career.

Last October, she trademarked “Vintage by Amanda Bynes” in the hopes of using it on clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, and even furniture and household containers.

She already graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising back in June, earning an Associate’s degree in Fashion Design. She then went on to further study, but we’re not too sure where that currently stands as she has “dropped out”…

“She dropped out of the FIDM bachelor degree program she enrolled in… and is not working,” a source revealed to E! News.

Although the source confirmed that the Amanda Show star is currently not working and her family is unsure where she is actually living at the moment, she is certainly not short on money. Especially now that she has reportedly bailed on the conservatorship that was put in place by the Ventura County Court…

“She has access to her money so she’s financially independent,” the source said, adding that, despite many people’s concerns, Amanda is “not doing drugs again.”

However, the source confirmed that her sobriety is “always the concern.”

Amanda Bynes is now rumored to be going back to court to have her mother Lynn removed as conservator, with ‘a third party’ put in charge instead.

What will the future hold for Amanda Bynes? Watch this space!