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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… we’re really not sure what’s going on with Amanda Bynes.

On Valentine’s Day, she surprised her fans by revealing that she was engaged to Paul Michael, who she reportedly only started dating at the end of last year.

Just yesterday, however, the 33-year-old actress revealed that the pair had broken off their engagement, and she proceeded to delete all traces of him from her social media. Standard modern day break-up behavior, no?

Despite the dramatic social media removal, the pair seem to have ended things amicably. Paul Michael told In Touch magazine that although they had indeed broken up, he still loved Amanda, and referred to her as his “best friend”…

“I love her though, she’s my best friend,” he reportedly told In Touch at the weekend as soon as news of the split came out.

And if we needed more evidence that the pair had an amicable break-up, Amanda’s latest Instagram post should do it. The actress shared a brand new picture of herself and Paul, with the caption, “My love” followed by a black heart emoji.

Is there something they’re not telling us?

Could the end of the engagement actually have nothing to do with the couple and their feelings for each other, and everything to do with the legalities of Amanda’s conservatorship?

Let’s not forget that when the news of the engagement first came out, many insiders claimed that Amanda’s camp wouldn’t approve of the wedding…

“Amanda’s parents are fully aware of her engagement and at this point are not approving Amanda to legally get married under the conservatorship,” a source share with E! News at the time.

More details if and when we get them…