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Some A-listers are very secretive about their cosmetic procedures. Yes, Kylie Jenner, we’re looking at you.

Other famous faces, however, are all too open about not only what they have had done, but what they plan to have done in the future. Amber Rose falls into the latter category…

Amber Rose has stunned everyone by revealing that she plans to go under the knife to have full-body liposuction, just six weeks after giving birth to her son, Slash Alexander Edwards.

The newborn is her first child with boyfriend Alexander ‘AE’ Edwards. She has a 6-year-old son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, with ex Wiz Khalifa.

“So I’m here at Dr. Matlock’s office, and I’m about to get my whole body done after the baby,” the 36-year-old shared on an Instagram video while lying on a bed in a hospital gown.

“He’s gonna take out some of my jowls that are just hereditary,” she added, pointing to her jawline.

“It just runs in my family, so he’s gonna fix that and he’s gonna suck all the baby fat out of my stomach.”

We love how open she is about the surgery – something which she said not all of the doctor’s clients are…

“All of your favorite Girls and Guys go to him they just don’t tell you but I will,” she added.

“@dr.matlock he’s the best in the business!”

Talk about a subtle dig! Who could she have been referring to, we wonder?

We can’t wait to see what Amber Rose will look like once she has recovered!

Do you think she is having the surgery too soon after giving birth?