During the coronavirus pandemic, it kind of seems like America is in decline. The reputation of this country that most second and third world countries used o look up to seems to have hit rock-bottom. This has largely been because of the way the president Donald Trump responded to the coronavirus. The policies seem to be failing. And as some experts say, this could have lasting effects because Trump has been undermining alliances and insulting most US allies.

Does the world hate America? Love is All Colors looks at how his policies have been criticized the world over. Scroll on as we examine this…

The coming collapse of the united states

Is this the end of America? First off Trump dismissed stories about his response to the pandemic as a hoax. People at home felt that it was inadequate and irresponsible. Now, America has always been seen as a safe, trustworthy, competent international leader. This reputation seems to be in ruins. Most countries no longer see the US as an international partner. That is also a disaster in addition to the pandemic. If we were to think as diplomats, I think this is the USA in decline and life support.

There has been a tone-deaf response to the pandemic by the Trump administration. To be honest, it has been haphazard, to say the least. This kind of response will lead to the decline of America because it will cost America trillions of dollars. Already we are seeing how it is costing lots of people deaths that could otherwise have been avoided.

America is in decline because ever since assuming power in 2017, Trump has continuously insulted America’s allies. He has been undermining multilateral alliances and has chosen to be confrontational as opposed to cooperating with other nations and international organizations. The administration has imposed sanctions, embargoes, and boycotts all aimed at countries like Europe, Iran, and China! We all know we need china if we are to have things produced cheaply.

Most foreign leaders such as Angela Merkel of Germany, have chosen to turn the other cheek. They are seeing the bigger picture. And this is preserving the relationships and interests of the country.

Trump on the other hand has been very dishonest when it comes to dealing with the pandemic. Foreign observers are even shocked at his response to the whole thing. This has made most of them wonder… Is America in decline? The thing is, much as Trump’s erratic behavior and attitude towards things have been tolerated in the past in the wake of the pandemic, it is just plain old reckless. In Europe especially, they have lost faith in Trump. They believe he should not be trusted. He has become a threat to most countries. It’s not all about his crashing leadership. People are worried about his reckless and open hostility to many governments, certain religions, and races.

Let’s for instance take a look at the case of Germany where 200,000 protective masks which were meant to be taken to Berlin went missing under mysterious circumstances and found themselves in the US. Germany had to react furiously over this. Who wouldn’t anyway? Now much as there is no proof that Trump approved that the masks be redirected to the US, people believe that this is the kind of thing that he is capable of doing.

The thing is German leaders, considered this as an act of modern piracy. So is this the end of America? Well, this is no way a government should be behaving towards transatlantic partners. Worse off is that this was done when the whole world is dealing with a crisis. Speaking of German leaders Merkel has refused to give the US president the benefit of the doubt.

Does the world hate America? You could say so. Europeans are very furious at Trump. One thing that is causing this outrage is the alleged reports that Trump is trying to acquire monopoly rights to the COVID 19  vaccine. And you know what, it is being developed in Germany. There is more. The anger is still being fuelled. Right now, the latest is over the travel ban that Trump imposed. He did not consult anyone or give any scientific justification.

America is in decline not because the damaged reputation is confined in Europe. G7 countries have issues with the US too. This joint dismay among the G7 countries was when Trump decided to dub the coronavirus, the “Wuhan virus”, his way of crudely blaming China for the spread of the pandemic.

Also, international action has been affected. Calls to create a COVID-19 taskforce to deal with the pandemic have been ignored by Trump. Trump seems to be least concerned about the pandemic that is really affecting millions of people all over the world. It is like he has been fighting against multilateralism. This has even affected the functions of coalitions like the G7. Coronavirus seems to be destroying the world order.

There is a decline of America, especially its leadership. This is evidenced by the comments that Trump has been making during COVID-19 briefings. He gives misleading information, he makes noises at reporters and even goes to the extent of giving false information that contradicts medical and scientific experts.

Now, much as he publicly rejects foreign help, he has privately asked for it from US allies in Asia and Europe… even South Korea, a country he has previously rebuked. He still berates the World Health Organization.

The world is watching and it is seeing the coming collapse of the United States. First off there is the absence of affordable and fair healthcare systems in place. That means American states are constantly scrambling for scarce medical supplies. When you compare the death toll between the superior race (whites) against the minority races, it is disproportionate. More minorities are dying. Then let us talk about people not following the social distancing rules. Its just chaos after chaos. There is a lack of centralized coordination of resources. For a developed, most influential and powerful nation in the world, this clearly proves that America is in decline.

Well, that title is of ‘the most powerful nation on earth’ is clearly being lost. Plus if the US continues with this downward and erratic state, this is a title that will be very hard to reclaim. The pandemic has opened up the eyes of very many countries globally. It is now being seen as a very selfish and incompetent nation. This story of the USA in decline has never been seen in the whole of US history. Trump has single-handedly messed the reputation of a nation that used to be the envy of many.

Is America in decline? Do Americans realize how far their country has fallen both morally and financially? Right now, seeing as most people are concentrating on dealing with the pandemic, the financial and moral state of the country might not matter much. However, when things go back to normal, it definitely will. The balance of power will definitely shift internationally.

You would think that the crisis would have changed how Trump has been leading the US. You would think they would have been a the forefront of this war. Unfortunately, their response has been too slow. Some developing countries are responding better than the US is.

There is a lot of resentment towards the US because of going MIA during the coronavirus crisis. That said, all that will change how the whole world works. New alliances will definitely have to be formed. A lot is going to change internationally. Let’s hope America will eventually pull through.

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