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Everything associated with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal baby is currently shrouded in secrecy, but not everyone in the public eye is so hush hush…

We’re delighted that Amy Schumer has been a lot more open about her pregnancy and her imminent new arrival!

The 37-year-old mother-to-be treated her 8.5 million Instagram fans to some very exciting news about the gender of her and husband Chris Fischer’s baby.

She also used the post to speak out against fast food chain Wendys, in a bid to change the way they currently treat their workers…

“Hey! We love @chancetherapper and hate to be the ones to tell him that Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault and rape in the fields,” the post began, alongside a picture of Amy and husband Chris sitting in their pediatrician’s waiting room.

“This is true. Please read that sentence again. Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested with dignity NOT violence. Please join the @fairfoodprogram and #BoycottWendys link in my bio of how you can help.

“Also we are having a boy.”

Yes, you read that right – little boy Schumer-Fischer!

Just a few days ago, Amy Schumer shared another photo with her fans, which consisted of her pregnancy belly and a sonogram in the background.

“Oh yeah does it feel to everyone like I’ve been pregnant for a long time? It must be getting annoying to you all that I’m still pregnant,” she captioned the photo. “Well imagine how I feel mother f—!!!!!!”

Amy Schumer is currently in her third trimester, so we can expect the new arrival to make his entrance in a matter of weeks!

Congrats to the almost new parents!