Are bangs in style? Well, yes, bangs are still huge in 2020. And the beauty of it is that they can be used on all types of hair and facial shape. Kinky, curly, wavy or straight, you can rock this trendy haircut. The good thing with bangs is how versatile they are. You can have various variations to suit the shape of your face. To name just a few, you have options like the micro, side, fringe and curtain bangs to mention just but a few.

Whatever the occasion, whether you are looking for a fresh start after a bad break up or its a thing of fresh year – fresh things, Love is All Colors is here to convince you why you should get bangs in 2020 as we answer your question “Are bangs fashionable 2020″? Scroll on…

Fringes in style 2020

A lot of women admire bangs on others. But they can’t bring themselves to taking that bold step towards cutting their hair. They feel like its too much of a commitment to take. So even after enough convincing that they are ready, or after enough convincing that the answer to “Are fringes still in style” is a “Yes”, they still listen to that little voice in their heads that tells them “No”.

So let’s try and convince you to ignore that resounding “No” and try something new on your head this new year. Let’s have a look at some trendy bang styles…

How to style bangs with curly hair

If you are worried about how to style bangs with curly hair, then you need not be. The thing is, according to most stylists, women with curlier hair are embracing bangs this year more than ever before.

For curl patterns, experienced stylists usually cut random pieces around the face as opposed to the usual strait across bang. This creates a better movement for the curls. Tessa Thompson is one actress who when she decides to do a curly bang it is super sexy. In her beauty campaign with Urban Decay rapper Lizzo is also seen rocking wispy curly bangs.

Hairstyles with thick bangs

Hairstyles with thick bangs have also become trendy. The way to style them us with some texture. If you have curly hair and are planning on rocking bangs then you need to consider heavy bangs. If you want to add instant dimension and movement, thick bangs can be styled into brow-grazing bangs like for Yara Shahidi.

Kerry Washington is another celebrity who loves rocking curly bangs with bounce and healthy volume.

Heavy, straight pieces that graze the brows are very en vogue. Much as bangs that are longer, straighter and thicker require more attention and maintenance, if done properly, they give one a sophisticated look. So if you want to pull the look well, ask your hairstylist to cut the bangs in tiny different lengths. This way you will be able to pull some to the side of your face and others in the middle, giving you relaxed elegance without having the bags weighing heavy on the forehead.

If you have a square shape with a sharp jawline, go for thick bangs that kind of down the cheeks at an angle.

The other type of haircut that pairs well with thick bangs is the shaggy haircut. If you want to rock the look make sure the layers are cut in one uniform length for bouncier wash-and-go curls.

Soft curtain bangs

Some people don’t like fringes in their eyes or on their foreheads. But seeing as the trendy fringes in style 2020 are the longer ones, they still want the look of longer bangs. For such people, stylists usually recommend curtain bangs. Its the cool girl haircut of the year.

So if you are still asking – are bangs in style – and you are a bit skeptical about drastically chopping your front hair off, then this is the ultimate look for you. Plus, the curtain bangs are perfect for ladies with longer foreheads. At the same time, they are the easiest style of bangs to maintain. For instance, what singer Camila Cabello does to her bangs is just tuck them behind her ears to achieve the curtain effect.

The good thing is that once you are over the bang craze, you can easily grow out the fringe.

 How to style bangs to the side

Well, this is easy and it is a style that is huge in 202o. This style was very popular between 2000-2005 and it is so back and still chic. So if you have set your eyes on side-swept bangs and you wondering how to style bangs to the side, you need not worry.

It is simple. You can achieve this style by simply side parting your hair a little further than you usually and let it cascade on one side of the forehead. It is well suited for people with oval, heart-shaped and long face shapes. For one to pull off the look, those with heart-shaped faces should make the bangs wispier whereas those with long faces should do the bangs heavier.

How to style long bangs

Much as short bangs will be popular in 2020, if you have reservations about the baby bangs, get a feel of this haircut by getting long bangs before diving in. Long fringes will still be popular in 2020. Longer bangs accentuate the cheekbones. So your bangs need to focus on your positive features. If you are a beginner in the bangs world, longer layers will be perfect for you to help you adjust to this new look and the moment you are used to the look, you can go shorter.

How to style bangs that are too short

These are also known as micro-bangs or baby bangs. They sit an inch or more higher above the forehead and they mostly roughly chopped. Now, much as they are the in thing these days, they are actually from years back… In fact, they go back to the 50s where celebrities like Bettie Page and Audrey Hepburn were brave enough to take the risky cut. Most of the cool girls usually go for this style.

The good thing about how to style bangs that are too short is that you don’t really have to worry about your hair length or texture. They complement every hair type and length. So for instance, if you are wondering about how to style bangs with wavy hair, then you should consider the micro bangs.

Maintaining the length is something you need to consider when going for the short bangs. So if you are planning to have it for longer, you will probably have to do more visits to your hairstylist or lear tutorials on how to cut it yourself.

Now if you to prove to you that they can be styled even on natural hair, Lupita Nyong’o has also been pulling off this look.

Weave styles with bangs

If you still in doubt that the answer to the question “Are bangs in style” is “Yes” and you are not comfortable taking the plunge, then there is an alternative for you. Try weave style with bangs. Clip-ins, wigs and weaves are the easiest way to go around the risk of cutting your hair only to hate it the following morning.

Any time is bangs time!

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion or break up to make the decision to get bangs. You can get these bangs at any time of the year. Nothing should ever stop you from trying out this trendy hairstyle, no matter the size or volume of your hair.

Are bangs in style? Have you seen the red carpet events? Even Lupita Nyon’go rocks her kinky hair in bangs. Everyone is rocking bangs.

Now before you decide to rock your bangs, do a little research about this haircut. The red carpet, as well as Instagram, offers people great inspiration to start one-off. So when visiting your stylist, all you need to do is google for bang styles that will flatter the frame of your face.

In today’s article, we have done the research work for you and gone the extra mile to bring you some celebrity bang hairstyles to inspire you and get you out of the hair rut. Don’t let people convince you that bangs are expensive to maintain.

Are fringes fashionable 2020? They are timeless because of how flattering and versatile they are. So read on this article and find out how to style different bang styles for different hair types. Then take the plunge this year. We promise you won’t regret the decision. If anything, you will be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner…

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