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A lot of dreams came true at The Lion King premiere in London at the weekend – none more so than Beyoncé and Meghan Markle’s…

Beyoncé Knowles and Meghan Markle have been championing each other for years, but reportedly only met for the very first time on last night’s iconic red carpet.

And despite reportedly never meeting before, body language experts said their first face to face meeting was “warm”, “friendly” and deeply affectionate.

“These two greet one another with a ritual that defines them as warm friends,” said body language expert Judi James, according to The Express.

“Meghan performs a head tilt of friendly recognition as she gets to Beyoncé in the lineup, then announces and instigates the embrace by raising her left hand up.

 “The women start with a cheek-kiss that converts into a mutual hug, with Beyoncé closing her eyes to register deep affection.

“They keep their hands in place as they part to talk, with their left hands clasped and performing the kind of judder that is a strong tie-sign of mutual friendship.

“Meghan then looks impatient to introduce Harry to Beyoncé, touching Beyoncé’s arm before the pair perform a cheek-kiss.”

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall to witness this historic interaction!

Their friendly body language is only the beginning, as the real moment that drove Beyoncé and royal fans wild was what happened next…

Not only did Beyoncé appear to refer to Meghan Markle as “my Princess” as they embraced, which gave us and all royal fans goosebumps, but what Queen Bey said about the new baby Royal melted hearts around the world…

“We love you guys. Your baby is so beautiful,” Beyoncé reportedly told the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, according to pro lip readers.

Jay-Z also chimed in with some advice for the new parents…

“Always find time for yourself,” he reportedly said.

As expected, Beyoncé fans and Meghan Markle fans were overcome with emotion…

’MY PRINCESS’……. from Beyonce’s mouth I CAN NOT BREATH,” one fan excitedly wrote on Twitter.

“This was so beautiful & uplifting. My mood just went up tenfold,” wrote another.

“Beyoncé meeting Meghan Markle and calling her ‘My Princess’ gave me chills,” said another fan.

From music royalty to British royalty, history was made last night!

What do you make of this historic meeting?