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There are a lot of changes happening in Britney Spears’ life ever since her 13-year conservatorship finally ended last month.

And the latest change is in relation to the 40-year-old singer’s management, as it’s just being reported that her fiancé Sam Asghari has just been given the job as her new manager!

“Sam is in charge,” an insider told Radar Online, adding that he may just be filling the role temporarily until someone else fills the position that was previously held by someone of her father’s choosing.

Britney was previously managed by her father and conservator, Jamie Spears, as well as Lou Taylor from Tri-Star Entertainment. The Womanizer singer has since made it very clear that she doesn’t want anything to do with anyone at Tri-Star, and even reportedly asked for them to pay back all the money they made from her during the conservatorship. Yikes!

We don’t know how that’s progressing, but either way, we know that she won’t be hiring anyone from Tri-Star any time soon!

“With her dad and the team he put in place gone there is no-one around but Sam,” the insider continued.

“Sam is the boss, acting as her manager until a new one can be hired.”

Another source hinted that Sam doesn’t actually want to fill the role as manager permanently, and would rather be around as Brit’s fiancé and hopefully, in the very near future, her husband.

However, he’s the only one that the singer can trust at the moment, which is why he is happy to step up until someone trustworthy can take over…

“Britney is a multi-million-dollar industry. When she was working in Vegas there were over 100 people working on her show. Any company that size needs someone in charge,” another source said.

“Sam wants to be Britney’s husband not her manager but at least for the time being, he is all she has got. And after everything Britney has been through, he might be the only one she can ever trust.”

What do you think of Britney’s temporary management shift? Who would you like to see take over?