Have you ever found yourself unable to get over your ex so you end up cyber stalking them like some crazy weirdo?

Come on… Admit it! We are all friends here, right?

Fine, if you won’t admit it then I will.

Every once in a while I find myself reminiscing about my ex so I look him up on Twitter or Facebook to see what he is up to and to see if he is happy in his life now. Problem with this is we broke up two years ago!

During my most recent jaunt online, I found that he is engaged and I felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest. The worst part is that she is ugly. I know a lot of people want their ex to end up with someone so much uglier than they are to make themselves feel better but I am not one of those women.

I am actually insulted that things didn’t work out between he and I and now he is with a woman that makes me cringe to look at her photo. And not just dating her but engaged! This is the danger of looking your ex up online. You find things that you just don’t want to see.

Does that make me shallow?

The even creepier part to this story, that I hate to admit, is that I have created a totally new Facebook profile to check on him every now and then because he blocked my main profile. The dangers of cyber stalking your exes, people. You end up being a total nutcase, trust me.

Honestly, I wouldn’t have deleted or blocked him on my social media accounts. I would have kept him on my friends list so that he could see how amazing my life has become. My life is awesome, seriously, and I have no idea why thoughts of him cross my mind sometimes and I wonder what he is up to.

And who doesn’t want to rub their happiness in their exes face?

Unfortunately, scientific studies have shown that 90% of Americans keep tabs on their exes via social media. These same studies have shown that obsessing over an ex online will prolong your healing experience and prevent you from having meaningful friendships and relationships with others until you are able to cut the cord.

My advice?

Like the famous song from Disney’s Frozen movie… “Let it go, Let it go, turn away and slam the door!”

You are beautifully single for a reason, honey. Own it and love it. Then, when you are ready, go find a man or woman that rocks your world and encourages personal growth. Just remember that there is a reason why the relationship didn’t work out. You don’t need that mess in your life anymore.

More advice?

Find someone that looks and acts like you are the only person in the world for them. You deserve to love and be loved. Never settle for less than you deserve.