They are shy, timid in nature. This side of Korean men has been misconstrued to mean that they don’t date outside their race because apparently, even when interested, they may not show it. However, the anti-interracial dating story is just one of those things people generalize about an ethnicity… when in reality, there are some Korean men who have and date interracially.

Well, if you are new to dating Korean men or you have your eyes fixated on one and have no clue about how to treat him, first advice… MAKE A MOVE. And if it works out, here are things to expect…

  • They love leading the way: Korean men like being the oppa and if you let him lead the way, it’s a plus for you.
  • They love food and love feeding their women. Food is a very important part of Korean culture and sharing food is seen as the ultimate sign of affection. “Have you eaten yet?” Expect this question every other time. And if there is one thing they love: Sharing a scrumptious meal with the person they love. So prepare to hit the gym coz you are gonna be fed…
  • They like the matching clothes thing: And this is not just about making their own attire match. Its about both of you wearing matching attires. See for them, when they like you, they love showing you off. What better way to show that they have someone special than the two of you in matching clothes?
  • Everything can be a holiday celebration: When it comes to celebrating holidays and anniversaries, Korean men do it more than the rest of us. So let it not come as a shock if you have a celebration a week after you meet. Also in Korea, the 14th of every month is a special day dedicated to couples. Besides that, they have rose day, kiss day… and many others. So if you are dating one, get to know these holidays and put enough reminders. He will definitely appreciate trying to celebrate these with him.
  • Korean men are great at communication. They love keeping in touch – texting and calling you throughout the day. So if you are dating one, better up your communication skills… and by upping I mean UPPING. He will expect reciprocal communication…and lots of it.
  • They don’t like it when their women maintain friendships with other men They are quite jealous and don’t believe women and men can just be friends; which can be quite tricky for a relationship. So if you have guy friends, then a lot of reassurance – that you only got love for him – will go a long way.
  • The greatest thing about Korean men is they really know how to groom themselves – from fine clothing to perfect hair. These men love looking good for you and they will go out of their way to do this. Try keeping up and look gorgeous for him too.

Well, there you have it. Hope the info is helpful. Otherwise, enjoy your Korean man.