The distance thing worried me,” Zamaswazi told us about her online courtship with Uzodinma. All couples face obstacles, and in this case geography conspired against them.

That wasn’t the only potential pitfall here. “She is quite stubborn and moody,” laughs Uzodinma. Still, the good certainly outweighed the bad. “She’s all that I wanted,” he says, turning serious. “He is everything I’m looking for in a man,” adds the woman he loves.

What drew them to date on the Internet in general and more specifically, our site for singles? “It worked for a friend of mine,” points out Zamaswazi. Uzodinma was curious about the possibilities. “I just thought I should try it out,” he says.

While both singles say they were “Not very confident” at the start, in a matter of months they had turned their memberships into a relationship. It began with a message from “Uzo.” He says her beautiful smile hooked his interest right away. Once they began communicating, she was impressed by his gift for gab. “He likes to holds good conversation. We spoke daily, and I was comfortable with him.”

Uzo was eager to move on from this early stage of the process. “Talking on the phone wasn’t enough,” he tells us. “I wanted to meet her!”

As they lived nowhere near one another, the duo arranged to have their first date in Venice, Italy. As far as romantic atmosphere goes, can you really do better? But that didn’t mean they’d click. Fortunately, any doubts evaporated quickly. “He looked just like he did in his pictures,” said Zamaswazi. “But he was taller than I thought!”

“She had the most beautiful smile,” Uzo enthuses. “She looked younger than her pictures.”

Their interlude in Venice left them “very sure” this was only the first chapter of a longer story. Both singles came away smitten. “He is a very intelligent man,” Zamaswazi notes. “She’s a driven young lady,” her partner puts in.

This relationship has changed the way they think about love, and life. “I appreciate things and value time with the people I love more now,” says the lady. “I’m becoming more mature,” muses Uzo.

The couple have a few tips for singles on the search for someone special. “Be patient and have faith,” Zamaswazi reminds us. “Just know that you can’t hurry love.”

“Believe in love and have faith,” Uzo declares.