Have you ever wondered why most people have a favorite color? There are a multitude of shades and variations of hues, but of all these, one will sing specifically to each of us. It may change at different stages of our lives, but we can usually zero in on one favorite at any given time. So, what is it about a particular color that appeals to you? Chances are it is because it fits with your personality, or it represents your ideal state in some way or another. Read on to find out what your favorite color says about you!

Characteristics of color

There are three main characteristics of color – hue, chroma, and value. Hue is the color itself, by name–red, green, periwinkle, and so forth. Chroma refers to the intensity of the color–whether it is bright and bold, or more muted or greyed down. Last is value–the lightness or darkness of a color. Lighter colors, like pastels and pale shades, are called “high-key”, and the darker colors are known as “low-key”. It’s interesting to note that a person who is very subdued and perhaps sad is also described as “low-key”.


That’s because we instinctively associate color with different moods and emotions, and this can also translate to personality. Blues and greens tend to be calming, and reds, oranges, and yellows are usually perceived as energizing. Pastels are associated with freshness, innocence, and purity and are often seen in springtime fashions and colors for babies. Dark, rich “jewel” tones–emerald, ruby, sapphire, and amethyst–are associated with luxury and passion.

When someone asks you your favorite color, do you answer with a general color, like red or blue? Or are you more specific–sky blue, royal blue, or navy? Ruby red or a dark burgundy? Each shade has a different feel to it. Lighter colors feel lighter, more youthful; dark ones, more mature and serious, reserved and tasteful. The bright ones are seen as peppy and creative. Pale pink is a calming, charming color, while hot pink is enthusiastic and playful. A dusky rose seems mature, maybe old-fashioned to some.

Color schemes


In interior design, some color schemes are associated with certain themes: mahogany, ivory and hunter green are stalwart classics, where harvest gold and terra cotta speak of the Italian countryside, and French blue, tomato red and pale yellow are provincial colors. If you prefer any of those, you may be yearning for the life that they represent: Relaxing in an overstuffed leather chair in a smoking jacket with a glass of port, roaming vineyards in Tuscany, or drying herbs in a French farmhouse.

Neutral colors

Some people actually favor very neutral colors, like grey, black, or beige. These are usually viewed as serious, no-nonsense tones. They coordinate with everything but tend to occupy the background. People who like these colors are more likely to keep to themselves than someone who adores a bright orange or canary yellow. Colors like pink and purple are usually liked by people who are very social and nurturing. Many men, when asked, will cite blue as a favorite. Since male babies are usually surrounded by a sea of blue objects, as that is the “boy color” in some cultures. Tthis might represent a desire to be a kid again, to be cared for and to be free from the worries and responsibilities of adult life.

There are a few different reasons any given person might be drawn to a particular color. It’s interesting to figure out why your favorite color suits you and what it says about you. Now that you know more about the properties and emotional impact of different colors, you can use that knowledge to create any mood you like!