Aries is the ram and it suits them well. They are impatient, impulsive, persistent, heroic fighters who like to be in control. These men have very few body issues and like to show their bodies off at every opportunity. They assume that everyone else appreciates that too. They like their sex like they live their lives. which means that while patience is not one of their virtues, adventure, excitement, and passion are. Aries men like to have sex, and the more dangerous and quickly satisfying it is, the more they like it.

How is sex with an Aries man?

Sex with an Aries is fun and sometimes a little bit crazy. They are ready for sex anywhere. And the more risk there is of getting caught, the more they will enjoy it. They like to be in charge. They aren’t inclined to linger on foreplay. It’s all about being fast and furious with them. Aries men do not give up easily either and do not handle rejection well. They are not prone to being romantic although they like people to perceive them as the knight in shining armor. Aries men are very spontaneous and fun, so they are great lovers if you like it a bit wild and rough.

Power play

The Aries man is most excited when they win at power games. If you like bondage and domination, an Aries man might make a great lover for you. However, you’ll be the submissive partner. You will be the one he gets to tie up. As long as you understand and enjoy that role, you will have great sexual adventures with an Aries man. He doesn’t just want to be on top, it’s his nature to be so.


If you want to plan a sex session with an Aries man, don’t bother. He’ll enjoy doing it wherever you are. An Aries man is the sort of sexual partner who will want to have you from behind over the kitchen counter while your dinner guests are waiting for their food in the next room. He’s the type of lover who will stop the elevator, push you against the wall and screw your brains out and manage to finish before it starts moving again and the doors open. If they ever did a survey of the mile-high club, it would be a safe bet to assume that many, if not most, are Aries men. The more thrilling, the naughtier and the more wrong it is, the more likely he’ll want to do it. So, it’s wise to be ready for action at all times.

Favorite sex position

An Aries man will always love doggy style sex. It fulfills his need to be on top, to dominate and to control the pace. If he can grab you by the hair, even better. He’ll simply ride you like a horse until he’s finished. If you want to really turn him on, tease him and flirt with him somewhere that he won’t be able to have sex with you without being arrested. Just make sure that you are prepared for some hot and heavy action at his first opportunity. If you want to excite him more, wriggle a bit and resist. Just make sure that if you are playing those sorts of games, you do have an agreed safe word as no one wants any misunderstandings.