The Cancer woman is no trifler when it comes to sex. This is not a sign that hops into bed at the drop of a hat, or panties. She needs to work her way into letting go of her last bit of shyness or reserve before she opens herself up to a sexual relationship. She must be sure that you are also committed to more than a one night stand.

Does this mean that the Crab is a prude? Mercy me — far from it! When your Cancer lady decides to take the plunge into the depths of a sexual liaison with you, it is without inhibitions. A nurturer and lover with an oral fixation, this woman will turn herself inside out for you during sex, all to make sure you have your mind completely blown and your every need is met. Pretty much nothing is off the table, although she does have her preferences.

Take a look at the astrological sign for Cancer. Seem a little familiar? That sideways sixty-nine can and will happen in a multitude of directions when Cancer is your lover.

You eating her, she eating you — it is pretty much perfection as far as Cancer is concerned. She is also quite content to focus on your pleasure alone, performing fellatio or cunnilingus, depending on your orientation. Cancers get orgasms simply because their partners do. How cool is that?

Cancer is into all manner of spooning, head to foot, pulled into your waist, legs scissoring. Penetration from behind is lovely as you lean into each other curves. Sneak a hand in front to stimulate her and she will rear back with renewed pleasure. Then drift away cuddling each other after the fireworks. Cancer is totally into cuddling, wanting every inch of her body in contact with every inch of yours. Bliss.

Spooning is great also for getting ahold of her breasts. Cancer is so turned on by breast stimulation there is a term for it — breast sex. Invite her to sit astride as though ready for more oral sex, but encourage her to wrap those soft mounds around your penis instead. You can flip the arrangement by sitting astride her, pushing and pulling between her soft breasts and tickling her lips with your tip. Yum.

Cancer also loves sex the old fashioned way. Missionary works well because you can look deep into her eyes as you split her lower lips with penis or sex toy. Again, Cancer wants to wrap you up completely and hide with you in her shell all day and night long.

Missionary can be rough or slow and silky but expect those legs of hers to clench and her arms to hold you with no chance of ever letting go.

A Friday night date often turns into a weekend of lust, take-out giving each of you the strength to try new w ays to make the other feel absolutely turned on and cherished. She might not crack her defenses on date number one, but number three has epic written all over it.