The Capricorn man can seem cold, distant and calculating. The truth is that while they can be all of those things they are also the most responsible and sensible of all the zodiac signs. They possess incredible discipline. They can come across as a little bit arrogant and aloof. The truth is that this shell protects the Capricorn man from failure or criticism.

Their nature

Capricorn men get upset easily. But as they are so incredibly stable and have such immense self-control. They don’t run away from problems. Instead, they learn from them and use them to better themselves. They can be prone to setting unrealistic expectations, especially for partners. And this combined with their secretive nature can make them incredibly frustrating as partners.

On the other hand, their steadfast determination and loyalty shine through when you break through their emotional barriers and gain their trust. They are great to go on dates with. They pay a great deal of attention to detail and have excellent manners. Capricorn men love to show off their dates and impress others with what they perceive to be a successful conquest.

The sex

The Capricorn man’s perfectionist traits and need to dominate makes them very powerful lovers. What they lack in emotional connection, they make up for in stamina and tenacity. They are patient perfectionists. They can never walk away from a sexual encounter feeling that they haven’t fully satisfied their lover. They have great technique and are prefer a marathon to a sprint when it comes to sex.

Capricorn men tend to be dominant while being somewhat insecure at the same time. So if you’re planning on including anything kinky, especially BDSM in your sexual encounters, it’s best to be very clear about negotiations and boundaries. Once a Capricorn finds himself in a position of power sexually, he may not be intuitive emotionally to sense when his partner is uncomfortable about something. He can be selfish with his needs. While sometimes this can be very sexy, he’s not the sort of man who will respond well if you tell him about it while he’s already having sex.

Preferred sex position

Capricorn men always love doggy style sex. Particularly when his partner’s butt is stuck right in the air and her face is in a pillow. This position fulfills his need to be in control. It protects him from the sort of intimacy he finds uncomfortable when he’s face to face with someone. He may even find doggy style a bit vanilla for his tastes. So it shouldn’t surprise you if he wants to bend you over a piece of furniture as an alternative. This also allows him to thrust harder. And if you know anything about goats, banging hard is one of their favorite things to do, whether with their horns or their penises


If you’re looking for another position to try with your Capricorn Man, he’ll love it if you put your legs over his shoulders when you’re face to face so he can get better access and deeper thrusts. He’ll also be able to better reach your butt this way for some spanking and squeezing. If he is going to look you in the eye when he’s making love to you, he’ll want to see a little bit of submission. This is a perfect way for him to get it. If you’re looking for a great one night stand or just want a friend with booty call benefits, a Capricorn man may be just right for you.