The personality of Capricorn women.

Capricorn women are ambitious and focused. They are confident and take themselves and life, in general, very seriously. They love money and are attracted to those who have it. And they like to dominate and can be incredibly stubborn. Capricorn women can take some time to get to know. They are quite standoffish and rather conventional by all outward appearances. They are very loyal and are very good listeners. Although they seem conservative and reserved, once you get to know a Capricorn woman and she likes you, you’ll find that she has a droll but fierce sense of humor.

Capricorn women are very steadfast and determined. They can be incredibly patient and once they set their mind to something, nothing will stand in their way. They are not easily distracted nor are they prone to losing their temper or giving up. These traits all contribute to Capricorn women being efficient lovers. They are very focused on the end game and this means a happy ending for her partner.

What they like

Because of her conventionality, Capricorn women aren’t particularly prone to anything kinky or freaky in bed. They aren’t even that interested in foreplay. However, should you wish to know a Capricorn’s woman erogenous weak spot, that would be her knees. Stroke them, tickle them, caress them or brush against them as you walk by. All of these are going to get the attention of a Capricorn woman. These will ensure that she only has one thing in mind.

Once she has one thing on her mind, if that one thing is love making, you’re in for a long, athletic and very enjoyable ride. Capricorn women are all about getting down to business in the bedroom. They don’t dilly dally around and their need for high achievement includes making sure their partner is completely satisfied. Even though she’s traditional in her sexuality, she’s also open-minded and willing to try new things. So long as she feels that they will get the job done efficiently, of course.

Sex positions

Capricorn women are not risk takers in bed. They want to know that whatever they are doing is going to get them there even if means a lot of hard work. Predictability does tend to turn them on and they love to dominate. This is why the straight up missionary position, with the woman on top, is the best sex position for the Capricorn woman. She’s happy to be able to do all of the work, take control of the situation and ensure that you both are fully satisfied.

If you do decide to encourage a Capricorn woman to indulge in a little BDSM, never forget that she will want to be in control. Not only that, but she will be absolutely focused on her end goal. She can be a selfish and sometimes thoughtless lover, so this is why it is important to have a safe word agreed well in advance with her. Without an efficient off switch, she’s going to keep on going and going until she’s satisfied and she may not notice that you’ve been left behind once she has all the power. Capricorn women are powerful and fun. Handle them with care though.