One thing is absolutely sure when you are sleeping with a Gemini woman. One evening of sweet loving can introduce you to approaches to sexual intimacy you had no idea were even possible. The key to pleasing your Gemini is understanding that the locks to this lover’s passion change all the time. You will need and an entire ring of keys to keep her interested and satisfied.

The Gemini woman’s persona

A Gemini lady is a talker. By that, I do not mean she intends no action. But the flights of fantasy she spins are verbally rich and detailed and often never-ending. She knows what she wants now, but it will morph into something else within minutes. Don’t get too impatient with the Twins. She is one woman with a dizzying number of personas. Plus it takes awhile for this committee of personalities to decide how to get the physicality started. Instead, lean back and listen; her sexy wordplay will take the place of foreplay and get both of your so hot and bothered it really won’t matter which position gets the job done.

Sex positions

That being said, Gemini loves a position where she can continue the conversation while other body parts make the fantasy real. Face to face is nice, but plain vanilla missionary won’t do the trick. Try a standing missionary position while she wraps her legs around your waist, clinching with her ankles and holding tight with her arms. A one-legged pose also works well, her other leg curling up and behind you, both rocking while her words continue to whip you both into a sexual frenzy.

Try whispering to her as you take her from behind, a spooning with definite benefits. As you push in and pull her closer keep feeding her ideas, and open your mind to any intriguing type of coupling she designs with her constant conversation. Expect to change positions frequently. Top, bottom, side –it simply does not matter if it feels good.

Your Gemini is talkative, but she also wants to know what you want. This sign is a perfect match for you if you love a story to be driving the passion. Act out your craziest fantasies with the Twins, remembering her quicksilver personality supports her changing from vulnerable to aggressive in a moment. Her fixation on the verbal also means she is extremely adept at oral sex. Almost anything goes, including lighthearted bondage.

The broad range of venues she feels are absolutely appropriate for a quickie shouldn’t surprise you. Curled around you in the backseat on a road trip with friends is just the dare she loves to take. Behind your office door, in her childhood bedroom while the turkey roasts on a family holiday, in the water off the dock while the rest of the group enjoy the sunset — she will take every opportunity to live the sexy narrative running through her mind.