Leo (July 23 – August 22) is a fire sign: bright and bold. Fire signs like Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are passionate and spontaneous. And Leo is a particularly strong representation of her type. If you want to bed this fiery lady, you should learn the favorite sex positions of Leo women. Read on!

Let’s just come out and say it: Leo is a power sign. Leos love to be in charge, and what’s more, they love to be the center of attention. What’s more fitting as a perfect sex position for Leo women than the woman on top–or “cowgirl”, if you like? She gets to control the depth, the speed, and even the angle of lovemaking. All the while she is on display for her mate to worship and admire.

Since the Leo woman is on top and in charge, she can ensure that she gets what she needs to have her orgasm. So this position is an ideal “first stop” to get things rolling if the male partner has a long refractory period (the amount of time it takes a man to recover after having an orgasm) or doesn’t last long enough to ensure that she can be satisfied multiple times from intercourse alone. She can also tease her partner and dominate him this way.

Most men love to lie back and watch their lady enjoy herself.  So it’s as much a treat for him as it is for her. Of course, she’s doing most of the work, but she doesn’t mind!

A variation on this theme is “reverse cowgirl”. This is where the woman is on top of her man, but facing away from him. Although there’s no eye contact or bouncing breasts to be seen, Leo’s partner can still admire her beautiful backside as she takes charge and works her magic. He can also stimulate her anally with fingers or a toy for her enjoyment.

Another sex position that puts Leo on center stage utilizes the bathroom sink–and the mirror, of course. This won’t work with a pedestal-style sink, but if you have a sink with a cabinet and surround, your Leo lady will enjoy sitting upon it to face you, or even better, standing and bending over a bit while you enter from behind, and then you can both enjoy the show! Leos aren’t shy, and why should they be? Make no mistake, Sir, this may seem like a submissive position for her, but she’s pulling all the strings and showing off for both of you. See if you can make your lioness roar with passion and purr with delight!

Remember, this fire sign likes spontaneity and excitement. Making love on a stormy night in front of a roaring fireplace will get her right in her element and bring the two of you together to make those sparks fly! When you date a Leo, you need to be ready to get down to business at a moment’s notice if that passion ignites suddenly, so hang on and enjoy the ride–the Leo woman will bring the unforgettable fire!