Libra men are the charmers of the zodiac sign. They love being loved and they love being in love. They avoid confrontation and can often be indecisive. Also, they are huge flirts and prone to being very superficial. They like beautiful things and surround themselves with art and music. This also applies to their lovers. Beauty and good taste are the things that attract them the most. They avoid arguments at all times and tend to be gentle and compassionate.

The loving Libra

Libra men hate to be alone and so are notoriously flirtatious. The more beautiful women admire them, the happier they are. However, in terms of a sexual partnership, they need a strong mind connection too. They quite literally go through life seeking out the companionship of those who can balance them out. Libra men are fantastically diplomatic and tend to be popular and well liked. Their inability to commit and a constant need to be adored at all times can be somewhat frustrating but as they are such good lovers and usually very good looking, those traits are easily overlooked.

What the Libra man wants…

hot couple

The way to a Libra man’s heart is through his eyes. He needs to feel strongly physically attracted and find his partner very sexy to bring out the best in him. When a Libra man is at his best though, he will do everything possible to please his lover. Libra men love sex and tend to take pride in being masters of the art. They are inclined to be somewhat conventional but very well practiced. Libra men want the whole process from the seduction to the happy ending to be beautiful so dressing for sex is always a bonus for them.

High heels, expensive lingerie, and flawless makeup are all things that will excite a Libra man. They will show him that you appreciate him and want to make an effort to look good for him but they will also stimulate his aesthetic desires. Libra men love to be seduced by beautiful women who are as into gentility and beauty as they are. Rough sex and dirty talk are not in the repertoire of a Libra man.

Sex positions

As Libran men are all about balance, one of the sexual positions they enjoy the most is standing while their partner wraps her legs, preferably wearing stockings and high heels, around his waist. He’ll find the skin on skin contact incredibly arousing while also being able to demonstrate his physical strength. The balancing pose will make him feel confident and grounded and able to perform at his very best.

Another great way to turn on a Libra man is to give him a lap dance to some slow and sexy music. He’ll be so turned on by watching you dance for him and then if you simply back right up into his lap so that he can wrap his arms around you and enter you from behind, he’ll be in Libra heaven for sure. This will give him the chance to admire your body by looking over your shoulder while he can feel you riding him. The combination of being able to experience the closeness of your body after the visual pleasure of watching you dance for him will make any Libra a very happy man. Never forget that a happy Libra man is probably the best sex in the zodiac.