For Libra women, it’s all about balance and fairness and this extends into the bedroom. Libra women love to talk too. They’ll talk before sex, during sex, and after sex. They are hyper-analytical and expect their partners to indulge them in this. Libra women love nature and comfort. A Libra woman is the type who enjoys long walks in the park with a partner just talking. To get her into bed there needs to be an emotional, intellectual and physical connection. They like taking time over things and are calm and patient.

The sex life

Because of this Libra women love foreplay. The longer it lasts, the happier and more sexually satisfied they will be. Although they are all about peace and beauty, that doesn’t mean they aren’t willing to experiment in the bedroom. Libra women always want to keep everyone happy so they are very willing to try new things if they are asked nicely, so feel free to explore fantasies. As long as they are classy, she’ll see it as a challenge and Libran women love challenges. They don’t like tacky though. They are all about beauty and good taste.

The sense of fairness runs strongly in Libra women, so they need to believe that their sexual partner is as enthusiastic and willing as they are. They will give as well as they receive, but probably no more than that. While fair, they are not necessarily generous lovers. Although they love to talk, they may take some coaxing to get them to open up about their own sexual preferences, especially if they feel it may come across as critical. The thing is that being emotional and focused on the mind, they have quite vivid sexual fantasies. If you’re gentle and polite, you’ll find that they have the potential to be quite adventurous. Take your time and talk to them. Their brain is probably their biggest sexual organ.

Sex position

As Libra women like it slow, passionate, and gentle but with a powerful mind and body connection, a yoga-like approach to sex will inspire them most. Sit on the floor on your knees or, even better, with your legs crossed like a yogi and let her mount you face to face. She can control the pace but this position will ensure that the intensity level will have to build over time. As she rocks back and forth, look deeply into her eyes. Tell her how you are feeling right there and in the moment. Most of all, tell her how beautiful she is and how she makes you feel emotionally. You’ll be amazed at how powerfully she’ll be affected by your compliments and you’ll feel it too.

This position can be used for very close physical intimacy too, which a Libra woman will really appreciate. You’ll be able to hold her, hug her and stroke her back. Pull her close, kiss her neck and whisper into her ear if you really want to turn her on. Most of all, take your time. She won’t want to be rushed and she will demand to be satisfied before you both finish.