People know Taurus women for their beauty and sensuality. Being the sign of the bull makes them stubborn and determined. If you are attracted to a Taurus woman, you better stand out and shine like a diamond. This is because they have no problems finding sex partners.

They also quite like diamonds. The way to seduce a Taurus woman is to go through the rituals that she would expect a lover to offer. Run her a hot bath, cook her a fabulous meal, serve her fine wine. After that, give her a long, tender massage. Once she knows that you’re ready to please her, she’ll be more than happy to return the favor.

How are they in bed?


Taurus women, though prone to laziness in the bedroom, are also extremely nurturing. They love pampering their sex partners, fulfilling their fantasies. They love knowing that they have pleased and satisfied them. This doesn’t mean that you can be over demanding though. They may love to make you feel like the center of their sexual universe. But that will only be on their terms.

If you ever suggest something kinky or different in bed and a Taurus woman declines, do not pursue it. And If you do, you do so at your peril because, like a bull, they can turn on a dime and have short and sharp tempers.

If you cater to their more sensual side and spend time kissing and caressing them and telling them how much you adore them, they will be willing to do almost anything to please you.

What they won’t be willing to do is anything fetishy or kinky. They are particularly turned off by rough sex or anything sudden and unexpected. Keep having sex with her in a clean, gentle way. Forget being too athletic or imaginative and you’ll find that you have a great lover. If you need to get your freak on, a Taurus woman is definitely not for you.

Preferred sex position

After reading this, you probably won’t be surprised that the best sexual position for a Taurus woman is the missionary position. You might think this is boring. You might even think she might get bored. But she definitely won’t. The missionary position allows Taurus women to do their lazy thing. They can become a plaything to be used, but not abused, by their sex partner. Taurus women are definitely the sort who will lay back and let you have your wicked way with them if it means that they don’t have to make a lot of effort.

On the other hand, if you find their lack of effort during sex somewhat off-putting, just encourage them to spoil you a bit. If they feel maternal for you, then they’ll want to do everything for you and to make you happy, even if means a bit of extra work on their part because it allows them to take control. Their bull nature makes them tend to be dominant personalities but Taurus women are more likely to express that through mothering their partners.

Take advantage of this if you are into breasts because Taurus women love to have their nipples sucked, fondled and very gently nibbled on. Just remember to go easy, adoringly and sensuously and you’ll find a Taurus woman as horny as her bull namesake.