Sagittarius men are playful, cocky, fun and adventurous. They are always optimistic and it’s very difficult to be in a bad mood around them. They are open and honest and very frank about their needs and desires. These men love games and trying out new things. They are very open minded and have no issues with nudity. Shy is not a word you’d use to describe a Sagittarius man. They are very independent. Much as they are extremely principled, they are prone to being a little bit tactless. Sagittarius men are not the best companions for they are over sensitive.

What makes them tick?

A Sagittarius man will be most attracted to the pursuit and loves a game of chase. He’ll probably be quite promiscuous and inclined to one night stands if given the opportunity. For him, it’s all about enjoying life to its fullest. While he will have an interest in religion and philosophy and loves deep conversations, something more entertaining will always distract him.

The sex

Due to the spontaneity of a Sagittarius man, if you want a great sex life with him, you’ll need to be ready to have sex in the most unlikely of places. For him, it’s all about the thrill. Sagittarius men are normally quite proud of their bodies and happy to show them off at any opportunity. So, outdoor sex is definitely in their repertoire of favorites. Sagittarius men also love foreplay, especially the ‘play’ part. Have toys to the ready for your Sagittarius man and he will make sure you both have a fantastic time. For a Sagittarius man, sex, like everything else in life, should be like a party, so don’t be afraid to laugh and joke around with him.

Sexual positions

Anything really does go with a Sagittarius man and that includes sexual positions. If you’ve ever wanted to try anything completely wild and out of the box including swinging from the chandeliers, this is the man to do it with. People know Sagittarius men as sexual athletes, so nothing is out of the question. If you want to impress him, challenge him to a wrestling match as part of foreplay. Sagittarius men are super competitive and he’ll love the physical contact. He’ll especially enjoy it if you let him pin you down on your belly, while he slips into you from behind.

To take your Sagittarius sexfest to the next level, try to flip him over while he’s still inside you and end up riding him on top. If you really want to give him a sexual experience he’ll never forget, oil both of you up before you try this. The slippery, sensual and playful wrestling will be absolutely thrilling for him. Consider planning a picnic somewhere that you can enjoy this session outdoors and you’ll be fulfilling his needs completely. He probably couldn’t even think of something he’d enjoy more if he tried. The combination of adventure, fun and the excitement of risk of getting caught are guaranteed to take a Sagittarius man over the edge.