Virgo women represent purity. They are always fascinating to men as a result and they tend to know it. They are feminine and can seem to be ice queens until you get them into bed. These women certainly appreciate men to treat them like queens both in and out of the bedroom though. They can be haughty and aloof and difficult to read. They exude sexuality and yet men find it impossible to tell whether they are interested or not. This, of course, only makes them seem more attractive, if not unattainable.

Virgo women are perfectionists both in how they see themselves and others. They expect high standards in others and pay absolute attention to detail. This trait means that they work hard to make sure that whatever they do, they do well. This makes them excellent technical lovers. They study their sexual partners closely to discover what they like. Once they work that out, they will master the method. The problem is that they expect the same from their lovers and if they notice flaws or failures, are inclined to withdraw and switch off.

Sex with a Virgo woman

Having sex with a Virgo woman is, no doubt, going to be an incredible experience. Once they decide they want someone, they will do whatever it takes to get them and to please them. Their strong feminine wiles mean that they usually get whatever they want. They have no hesitation in taking the lead to please their partner but and will demand what they want in return. What they want in return is for men to satisfy them every single time. If they don’t get it, they will feel free to demonstrate their disappointment. Virgo women believe they deserve the best and you better be up to the job. They are far more interested in an orgasm than they are in any sort of emotional connection. So focusing on the task in front of you is the best way to make a Virgo woman happy in bed.

Cleanliness is next to godliness for Virgo women and as goddesses, they want the man they have sex with to be immaculate. Make sure you’re spotlessly clean before even thinking about getting down and not very dirty with a Virgo woman. Oh, she likes it hot, but not hot and sweaty.

Sexual positions

So, great sexual positions for Virgo women are all about satisfying her need to be, well, satisfied while not distracting her with any sort of mess. A great position that allows for this is having her on all fours, backed right up to the edge of the bed as if you were going to penetrate her doggy style. Instead, stand on the floor and enter her from behind. This allows you to reach around and play with her nipples and vagina, to make sure she reaches the orgasm she knows she deserves while getting your rocks off at the same time.

There are so many reasons why this is a great position for making love to a Virgo woman. She doesn’t get the chance to study you for any potential flaws. There’s no risk of dripping sweat or other bodily fluids on her during sex and it’s very easy to tidy up afterward. These are all top priorities for any Virgo woman. So, if you think you’re worthy and are up to the task of getting it right every single time, you may just find that a Virgo woman is the most compatible sexual partner for you.