Choosing the perfect gifts for pregnant wife can be a tricky affair for the husband. The woman’s body is changing. The bulging tummy has replaced the abs and your wife might be feeling drained, exhausted and probably not as sexy. Well, isn’t it time you took advantage of the cheer and aura that the Christmas season brings and got her the perfect gift? You may wonder, “What exactly is the perfect gift for my pregnant wife?”

I think the best gifts ideas for pregnant wife this holiday season are those that will leave her feeling pampered, beautiful and loved. Check out these recommendations on Love is all colors.

Christmas gifts for pregnant wife

With the bump growing bigger every day, you need to give your pregnant wife a Christmas she will never forget! As you read on, you will find some recommended ideas that will leave the mom-to-be feeling loved even as she goes through the different trimesters.

While most people focus on the baby’s essentials and wardrobe, as a husband you need to also factor in the real star – the mommy-to-be. Make this Christmas different from the others by making it all about her. Let us face it when the baby comes, it is going to be all about the baby. We have put together a list of essential and fun Christmas gifts that you can buy for your pregnant wife. These suggestions can also apply if you are looking for gifts for newly pregnant friend.

Go mushy on the jewelry

Don’t just randomly buy her jewelry. There should be a sentimental value attached to any selected piece, especially if you are looking for early pregnancy gifts. Your pregnant wife will absolutely adore jewelry that can convey the message of a mother-child relationship. Get her a necklace with a pendant that has two small feet. Trust me, this will wow her and you will notice her subconsciously touching it from time to time because of the emotional attachment she will have to it.

Subtle jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are perfect.  As much as pregnant mothers cannot control the changes that their bodies undergo, they can comfortably rock trendy jewelry and accessories anytime during the pregnancy without feeling fat. PLEASE  stay off rings because most women’s fingers swell during pregnancy.

You do not have to break the bank to buy her the perfect jewelry. There are so many sentimental pieces you can get her based on your pocket size. Truly, you can never go wrong getting jewelry for your pregnant wife this Christmas.

Invest in a full body pregnancy pillow (well, because it works the magic!)

full body pregnancy pillowNo other gift screams “I care about your comfort” than a pregnancy pillow. This is why it made it on our list of gift ideas for pregnant wife! For me, it is a must-have, particularly the one with the C-shaped design. The full body pillow gives extra comfort that magically relieves aches, thus ensuring proper rest because it supports the hips, back, neck and tummy.

As the pregnancy advances, one’s level of discomfort increases. You can also add the pregnancy pillows onto your shopping list for a perfect gift for your newly pregnant friend or wife this Christmas. This is one gift that is useful during and after the pregnancy. Its practicability makes it a highly needed item. It’s one of the best Xmas gift for wife because she needs it. According to reviews and ratings, it is extremely comfortable. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy classy but comfortable clothes

Pregnant women are not looking for tight body con dresses that will make them suck in their breath and feel like an elephant. Your pregnant wife will gladly choose a soft and comfortable dress over a tight one any time. We all know that while pregnancy is absolutely beautiful, it can also be quite uncomfortable.

It is important to note that her body is changing. Plus there are increased chances of skin irritation and rashes. Wearing uncomfortable clothes will cause more harm than good. If your pregnant wife is close to her due date, comfortable clothes like loose shirts, tunics, gowns, wraparounds will be suitable even after she gives birth.

While there may be different types of clothes that can be bought as gifts for pregnant wife, those made from cotton are your best bet. Do not buy clothes with zippers and belts. Opt for those that can be fastened with a drawstring based on the wearer’s convenience.

Keep in mind the presence of a growing belly and buy clothes that can accommodate these changes.

With pregnancy comes the constant urge to visit the toilet. When picking out an outfit for her, this should be the most important consideration. Remember to factor the toilet time when buying Christmas gifts for pregnant wife.

Baby bath products

Help her get prepared for her baby’s arrival by buying baby bath products. By bath products, I mean baby lotion, sponge or washcloths, shampoo,  moisturizing oil, and soap. Look out for those with natural ingredients. This is very important because the skin of a baby is quite sensitive and delicate.

Skincare products for babies should not contain alcohol. Always avoid the scented ones since your baby could be having allergies.

Sculpted family figurines


Most of the best figurines I know come sculpted and can be early pregnancy gifts. The gift becomes even more thoughtful when it can depict the essence of family and the new addition. It is indeed a gift that celebrates a new beginning and the joy that motherhood brings with it. It is perfect for hanging on centerpieces around the house.

Family figurines provide a reminder that no matter the challenges and storms life may throw at you, your family will always have your back. I guess it is indeed true that the love of a family is the greatest blessing a man can have. This makes it one of the best gifts for pregnant wife from husband.

Organize a Christmas maternity photo shoot session

pregnancy phtoto shootYou can organize a professional maternity photo shoot for your pregnant wife especially if she loves the outdoors. This is the season to be jolly and she will definitely appreciate the gesture. It is highly likely that your wife might want great pictures to capture every single moment of her pregnancy journey. And pregnant Christmas moments should make it to the list.

Maternity photography is a growing trend and will continue to be. The female body swollen with an unborn child is absolutely gorgeous if taken by a good photographer. You can never put a price on these pictures and the emotions they evoke when they are hung or pasted on scrapbooks.

Ask for recommendations of great photographers from friends who have had pregnancy photo shoots before. Call beforehand and find one who will be available during Christmas and surprise her with one of the memorable gift ideas for pregnant wife. Remember, its Christmas. To add some fun to it, get some Christmas costumes and play Mary and Joseph while at it.

Get your pregnant wife some sexy maternity bras and sexy lingerie

When we hear maternity bras, what comes to mind are shapeless bras that are quite hideous and do not belong under the Christmas tree. Strive to get a couple that will still make her feel sexy. Get your pregnant wife some maternity bras that are sexy and comfortable. The practical thing about maternity bras is that she can use them during the period of pregnancy and into motherhood. When choosing maternity bras, it is better to go for those with wide supportive straps that have also factored in the options for breastfeeding. It is better to go for soft fabrics like cotton with a lacy undertone.

To match her new bras how about getting her some soft lingerie too so that she can still bring out the foxy sexy self whenever she gets in the mood.

Get a pregnancy journal

Pregnancy comes with its highs and lows. The truth is that we easily forget the most important moments of our lives as time passes by. Once they are lost, that feeling may not be relived as perfectly as it happened the first time if we do not document these events as they occur.

For new moms-to-be, a pregnancy journal is one of the gifts for pregnant wife I highly recommend. This is a gift that will for sure leave a lasting impression. Your pregnant wife can keep track of her pregnancy milestones and progress as she prepares for her new bundle of joy.

Well, because it becomes all about the baby after birth, it can be quite difficult remembering all the details of the pregnancy.

There are many pregnancy journals in the market that can be a wonderful gift for your newly pregnant friend. These journals break down the journey into the different trimesters and start with fun prompts and spaces for pictures and cuttings. You can also paste sonograms of your baby’s development. They are exceptionally great for a first-time expectant mother. They are also a great addition to the stocking stuffers for your pregnant wife.

For me, this absolutely had to make it to our list because it is highly sentimental. I can just imagine the thoughts that will be going through her head as she reminisces every time she reads through her journal while rocking her baby to sleep. It is definitely a must-have memory book for both mother and baby!

A jar of heaven for her sweet tooth

pregnancy cravingsWe all know that cravings are synonymous to moms-to-be. The dessert struggle is an unending battle that is not trimester-specific. Why not make Christmas awesome by stuffing all the goodies that your pregnant wife craves for in a jar? Pregnancy cravings can be salty, spicy, sour or simply non-specific. It will definitely brighten her day and her mood, especially if the mood swings are becoming more frequent. Go all out and satisfy her cravings in a healthy way, if you can.

Some desserts that are healthy for both mother and child are the Greek yogurt, fruit sundae, mint-chocolate frappe, peanuts with chocolate toppings, among others. You can choose a specific day to collect some of these goodies and give them to her so that she can have delicious treat-full Christmas.

While it is important that a pregnant woman eats healthy, indulge her this Christmas with things that satisfy her cravings. Pregnancy is the time that you can put off the calories’ counting because the baby needs those extra calories to develop well.

Foot massages and spa date

How can I forget the foot massages as a gift idea for your pregnant wife? Swollen feet is a common and uncomfortable issue that most pregnant women deal with. What better way to pamper your wife this holiday season than giving her a foot massage? You have no idea how effective a good massage can be when it comes to alleviating discomfort.

Give her a ladies’ day out

What is a ladies’ day out without some manicure, pedicure, a makeover, hair appointment or a spa treatment? There is no woman who doesn’t like to feel beautiful, especially one who is expecting a baby.

However, it is important to take precautions, especially when selecting a salon for your pregnant wife. Make sure they use well-sterilized clippers and any other tools that will be used. You can buy her her own tools set if you are not comfortable with the ones being used at the salon.

Another great consideration to be made is the ventilation of the salon. Expectant moms have a heightened sense of smell. The chemicals and fumes in the salon might make some feel nauseated especially if the salon is not in a properly ventilated location.

One way to avoid such drama is to arrange for her a pampering session at home. You can also arrange a spa session for her at home. There are lots of people who do house calls these days. And if the money is the issue, you can be the masseuse too.

Search for the safest ways a pregnant woman can enjoy her pampering session with regards to getting her nails done, her face made up, her hair curled as well as other beauty and spa treatments. After all, considerations have been made, drop her at the selected location and pick her up when she is ready.

On getting home, bring the cinema to her. All it takes is a very affordable subscription to Netflix, a bowl of popcorn and your good company to make it a jolly season to remember!

Give her a blank check for a night out

What do I mean by this? Make this Christmas about her and give her the option of doing something she really likes while you go with the flow. Let her pick the place she wants to go on a date and go all out. Put on a tux and let her dress fancily and go for a fancy dinner if you can afford it. Whatever it is you get to do, make sure it makes her feel sexy and appreciated. Give her the gift of spending time with her.

You can even plan a surprise pre-baby trip for the two of you to a place she has expressed interest in going in the past. This will help the two of you reconnect as you wait for your baby’s arrival. It is your time to get away from the world and focus on just your spouse for a day or more if she has the energy.

There are a lot of cruises and getaways that are baby-friendly that take into consideration expectant mothers. Do your research and select the one that is just right for you.


The gift of procreation is one that is a miracle in itself. You and your pregnant wife are the beneficiaries of that gift! This post about gifts for pregnant wife is really important because mothers and fathers focus all their energy on ensuring that their babies have all they have and then the woman who is carrying the child is forgotten in the process. Toting their bumps through their different trimesters is no easy picnic and the perfect gift can help them unwind.

This is where you come in as a husband, friend, colleague or acquaintance. You need to make sure that they are comfortable in order for them to have easy pregnancies. Believe me, happy and relaxed mothers make for happy homes and happier newborns. With all the above gift ideas for pregnant wife, it is safe to conclude that your struggle is over. I am sure that you’ve gotten some great stocking stuffers for pregnant wife from this list.

You know your wife better than anyone. Use that knowledge to your advantage and get her the gift you know she will absolutely love (even if it isn’t captured in this post). As they say, ‘happy wife, happy life’!

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