Getting ready for a first date can be nerve-wracking but extremely exciting at the same time! If you have a first date planned and looking to go for a different look in the makeup department, you’re in the right place! We’ve put together these top tips to help you look your best on that first date to knock the socks right off your crush!

Banish Tired Eyes

tired eyes makeup

If the working week has worn you out and your date is to happen on that Friday, be sure to make your eyes look their very best! MUA’s swear by this trick, by using a peach-coloured concealer under your eyes, you will look instantly more awake and it’ll illuminate your eyes. Try it, you’ll see what we mean!

Get Instant Juicy Lips

lips makeup

If you want your lips to look luscious and juicy then this tip is perfect! Apply a dark coloured lipstick to your lips with an eyeshadow brush to get a really soft look. It’s as simple as that. Remember to take your brush out with you and your lippy in your bag so you can re-apply once you’re out.

Blot Power

makeup blot

Once your makeup is done, make sure you’re not shining – to avoid the shiny/almost sweaty look; blot away any shine on either side of your nose and cheeks to keep your face from looking puffy.

On Point Brows

Next up on your checklist is making sure you have killer eyebrows. If you properly define your eyebrows it will frame your face. Use an eyebrow pencil and follow the direction of the hair starting from the inner eyebrow. Work the pencil in long light strokes drawing your brows outwards to the end corner. Voila! Perfect brows for your crush to look at all night!

It’s All About The Eyes

Your crush is going to be gazing into your eyes all evening, so it’s important you get them looking their best! Here’s a quick trick! Apply some matte nude shade all over your eyelids and then a shade slightly darker to the crease. Then get a clean eye brush and blend all over each lid! Go for a sharpened brown kohl eye pencil and run a thin line from the inner corner of your eye along the top eyelashes, then use a cotton bud to blend the pencil stroke upwards onto the eyelid to get a hot and sexy smokey eyeliner effect. To finish, apply a light coating of mascara that will give you just the right amount of length and volume.

Perfect Bronzer

bronzer makupe

When it comes to using bronzer – you don’t want to be giving your crush the shock of their life! We advise not to over-do it! If you apply bronzer in a triangle shape on both of your cheeks, you will get a naturally flushed look.

Finishing Touch

Once you feel like you’re ready to go, avoid looking cake-faced and take a look at your make-up in some natural light. There, you will be able to see what you look like properly. Finish your look by using finishing spray to give your face an even, natural look. Now you are completely ready to do your thing and make a superb impression in front of your crush!