Let’s say that you have just moved into a new place with your interracial love, and you’re feeling a bit isolated. Or maybe work has been all absorbing, and you want to spend more time together doing something. This are common experiences for all people, and so most of us decide we want to get a hobby. Something to get us out of the house and meeting new people, engaging with the world around us, becoming part of the local scene.

Let’s face facts. People aren’t always welcoming to new faces, especially if one of those faces doesn’t fit the expected local type. So what kind of hobbies are likely to make you are your interracial partner feel right at home from the word go?

Support the Local Team

If you are even vaguely a sports fan, get out there and support the team that the locals are in love with. Buy the hat, the scarf, the sweater, bone up on the local legends, stick the bumper sticker on the car and head off to the game. There is no more welcoming group of people that the average bunch of fans. The only color they are interested in is the team color!


Most organizations which reach out to the community to do good works are drastically short of volunteers. Pick a cause that is close to your heart, figure out what skills you have that match their needs, and offer your services. Low profile, small charities are the ones most in need, of course, but every organization needs help. Volunteering as a couple is especially welcome. It’s a good way to meet people if you’re new in town, and of course, you have the pleasure of knowing that you are doing something worthwhile.


It sounds simple, but walking and hiking are great hobbies for partners. You can walk the same route daily, try different ones, take off at the weekend and try something more ambitious. Not only will you get some stress relieving fresh air and exercise, but you’ll find that people you meet out walking are the some of the nicest folks around. If you live in a city, do some exploring of those off the beaten track locations – museums, parks and galleries, cool markets and off beat restaurants. Become an expert on your city, and impress your friends.

Family History

Finding out about your family history is one of the most addictive and revealing things that you can do. It’s really easy these days with services like Ancestry available to you, and you can even take those DNA tests to find out just what your racial mix consists of. Doing this with your partner can reveal the most amazing connections. Friends of ours discovered that their ancestors, several generations back, had lived in the same street in London – despite that fact that he came from Boston and she came from Delhi! This is especially cool as a way for children to understand where the family came from.

Get A Dog

Walking a cute dog is one of the very best ways of meeting people. The doggie play park is even more engaging and democratic than the kiddy play park. Walking the dog is good exercise, and if you’re really keen, you can even try your hand at entering neighborhood dog shows.