These days, there are examples of high achievers from interracial households everywhere you look. The President of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, is the child of a Kenyan and an American of British descent.

He has talked many times about what kind of an influence this had on his formative years. He has also been forced to defend his lineage many more times, but the fact still remains that there is an interracial man in the White House – the days when interracial children were afforded fewer opportunities than children from white households are, fortunately, long gone.

This guide to the top five big benefits of raising a child in an interracial household will help you get to grips with any doubts you may have about creating a thoroughly modern family.

1. Interracial Parents Invest More
To combat a social stigma which is sometimes imagined and sometimes not, studies have shown that interracial parents invest more in education, home learning resources, extracurricular activities, and enrichment projects. They know that their children may look and feel different to their classmates, so they spend more time teaching them why this is the case, and on getting them actively involved in dance, drama, and sports clubs after school to make sure that they fit in and participate.

2. Multiracial Kids Are More Relaxed
According to another study from the Journal of Social Issues, multiracial children grow up to be psychologically tougher and will experience less stress than their peers. This appears to be the case even if their friends are white. The theory then, is that kids who identify with more than one racial group find it easier to adapt to varying cultural environments; instead of ‘standing out,’ they naturally adapt to fit the situation.

3. They Are More Tolerant Towards Others
It should come as no surprise to find that interracial children are among some of the friendliest and most tolerant of all. Whilst many youngsters struggle to define their own morals and ethics as they traverse an ethically murky world, interracial children already know that there is no difference between white and non-white, because they interact with both races.

4. They Are Exposed to Richer Cultural Resources
It is also true that children raised in interracial households grow up exposed to all the benefits and advantages of a culturally rich and culturally diverse environment. They live in mixed neighborhoods, uphold varied family traditions and customs, and may even get the chance to grow up speaking two different languages. They are a clear indication of the reality that not only can different races coexist, they can do so within a single home.

5. They Have Great Role Models
As already mentioned, Barack Obama is a child of two cultures. The same goes for a whole host of inspiring names and faces, from Halle Berry to Nicole Sherzinger, Rashida Jones, Dwayne Johnson, Jessica Alba, Idris Elba, Tiger Woods, and many more. For interracial children looking for role models, the world is a very inspiring place right now.