You are in a multicultural relationship and a party has been planned to meet his family and friends. What to wear? You would like to show your ability to be culturally diverse, your willingness to embrace your participation in a different culture, yet you still want to be yourself. What to wear? How do you incorporate both traditional and modern clothing? Well, luckily multicultural fashion trends have been front and center the last few years.

1. Need to go Latin American? Why not wear lots of ruffled skirts and colorful jumpers. Dress as if you are ready to go salsa dancing. Think Shakira.

2. How about Native American? There are many Native American fashion prints and fabrics in various shapes, with details like tassels and beading. A few years ago the “Pocahontas” look was in style. Moccasins worn by Native Americans were at one time a functional piece of footwear. They are available now in a new, modern interpretation from many shoe gurus; still comfortable, functional, and practical, yet trendy and multicultural.

3. Indian trends tend to focus on traditional saris (main picture) or salwars. The modern versions are more exotic and sensuous, using sheer fabrics. Intricate embroidery and ornamentation combines traditional and modern in this genre of clothing. Think Princess Diana and Jemima Khan.

4. The marriage of African and Japanese comes through in “Wafrica Kimonos”. In this modern spin on two cultures, the traditional Japanese kimono is made from bright and traditional African fabrics. This is a hard look to pull off, but if you can manage it, it looks sensational and unusual.

5. Finally, there is the rather amorphous and all embracing “Ethno trend”. In this style, turbans are often an essential item of clothing. Animal prints, which have been in vogue for a few years, remain a staple along with earthy colors and exotic fabrics. Hunting style garb, animal print leggings, lingerie, scarfs, and men’s socks are all part of this trend. An easy way to remember this trend is to remind yourself: “every girl should have leopard in her wardrobe.”

Where to buy all these looks? Check out online outlets, particularly for Asian fashions. Modern communications and payment methods make it easy to shop the world, from Massachusetts to Mumbai.

As more couples are involved in multicultural relationships, as more consumers are shopping within a global market and designers are targeting easy styles adapted from around the world, the popularity of multicultural fashion is on the rise. Not only are these clothes and accessories trendy, but they also promote a feeling of unity between people of differing ethnic backgrounds, and of liking for the variety offered by other cultures, as well as acceptance and respect for other backgrounds.