Body language has been long studied over the years and the scientist who have found that each individual’s body language can tell you a lot about a person. Body language of a gay man is really no different than a straight man’s in terms of trying to read if he is into you and this could help you maneuver through the cues of body language.

Being a gay man, straight, lesbian or bi-sexual does not matter in terms of body language. Most people, in general, can usually feel if someone is totally into them, but there are signs one can look for when wondering if you are reading their signals correctly. Most people who are attracted to someone share more eye contact and tend to turn their bodies more towards the person they are interested in.

So as advice on what the signals a gay man tends to look for when they are in a crowd of other gay men and looking to see who is into them? Look around you and see who is staring into your eyes intently and if they seem to be more poised and have good body stature. These two elements seem to be the biggest clues that could tweak your “gay-dar”.

Inviting Body Language

If you are in a crowd of people, and you see someone you feel attracted to, you tend to use open and inviting body language. You uncross your arms and saunter over towards him. If he tends to use the same open and inviting body language, he may be as attracted to you as you are to him. If he crosses his arms or slumps over and crosses his legs, he probably is protecting his feelings or is just simply trying to shriek away from inviting you into his comfort zone.

Pupil Dilation

No matter if they are a gay man, straight, bi-sexual or an interracial couple, if their eyes dilate when they look into your eyes; they are one-hundred percent into you. It has been studied and proven that if someone is attracted to you, their pupils will dilate. It is a reaction within our autonomic nervous system which also controls our breathing and is something we cannot control. So when you are attracted to someone, and you think they may be attracted to you, look in their eyes and see if their pupils are dilated, that could be the tell all signal.

So as advice if you are a gay man; know that it does not leave you out of the normal cued body language to tell you if someone is attracted to you no matter race, creed or sexual orientation. If you see that handsome man across the room, and he is staring intently at you, and he has thrown his shoulders back and pulled in his stomach and he seems poised and statured they are attracted to you. If you feel the attraction, keep in mind open and inviting body language and dilated pupils are your invite to flirt away.