Geek dating is getting more attention in 2019. See, the thing is, most people tend to think that nerds don’t also have a sexy side. I know quite a number who are geeks who turned out to be freaks in the sheets. See, being an introvert can bring challenges when it comes to dating. But thanks to dating sites, all is not lost. To add on to that, there are a number of dating sites for nerds where geeks can freely express themselves.

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More about nerd dating

When it comes to choosing a dating website, one of the things you need to consider is how inclusive the site is based on gender, ethnicity, religion among other things. Good dating sites for nerds need to provide a safe space for everyone to date freely. These are sites that have huge membership that is diverse in every way.  Gamers, computer geeks, sci-fi fans can find themselves easily. Whatever your obssession, so long as you are singlem nothing beats the feeling of meeting someone who speaks your geeky language… Someone you talk to on and on for hours.

Always go for reputable sites that have been around for years and that are backed with features that will make you enjoy your geek dating.

So how do you choose the best geek nerd dating sites?

Choose sites with sophisticated features

Here we are taking communication features, search capabilities or profile matching. These need to be top norch for you to enjoy dating. When it comes to searching for you instance, you can simply  type what you are obsessed about and the people who fit the criterion pop up. The profile matching will also populate results that match your interests as specified on your profile.

Go for sites that are well established

If a site has been around for more that a decade or two, then there is a reason why they are still in business. More established sites normally have more members (millions) from all over the world. This means that they are more diverse. So the chances of you meeting a cute nerd are higher since nerds come from all corners of the world. All you need to do is clearly select your interests, as many as you possibly can. That way, you will be matched with people who share similar interests.

 Do not ignore discussion forums

 The good thing about discussion forums is that they are subject specific. Whether you will search for one randomly on Google or join in one on a dating site, the chances of meeting a cute nerd who speaks geek are higher. Plus, you need to realize that opposites attract and fit in like pieces of a puzzle. There are lots of people who are interested in dating a nerd or are sweet on geeks on dating sites and who might find your obsessions quite appealing.

So whenever you find someone who’s ideas and opinions are interesting, then don’t hesitate. Just side-chat them and let them know how interesting you think they are. You never know where that might lead to. And if you ask me, probably something more solid!

The flirt/wink option is your best friend

If you are an introvert who struggles with starting a conversation the way most geeks are, then this is the perfect feature for you. Use it! Believe me, it works. It’s like nudging someone. Now don’t just limit this to geeks. You can do this with anyone you think suits you. After all, who said geeks must date geeks?

There are also sites which offer users the option of choosing an automated message to break the ice. This way, if someone is interested in you they will contact you as opposed to composing a long email only to be shut down by someone.

Find a geek nerd dating site

If you are really into geek dating, how about googling dating nerd girl or dating nerd guy and see what comes up. Trust me, there you can never run out of nerdy girls and dudes. Whether its a hookup, a geeky friends date or love, there’s a kink for every geek. Just be very specific with your search on the geek dating website to get better results. You get to search for singles based on categories they are into.

Times are changing. And the Star Wars and Comic-Cons, geeks and nerds are proudly coming out and are embracing this nerdy personality. So if you are one of them, trust me, your tech savvy counterparts are dating online too.

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