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Jodie Whittaker is doing it for women everywhere!

Not only has the actress broken all the rules by playing the first ever female Doctor Who, but she has also gone one step further by enforcing gender equality at the same time!

The subject of equal pay in the workplace is hot on everyone’s lips right now – especially since the gender pay gap at the BBC (the channel which airs Doctor Who) was revealed last year.

We applaud the fact that Jodie Whittaker has demanded equal pay for taking on the role of the famous doctor…

“It’s an incredibly important time and the notion of equal pay should be supported,” she said backstage at the National Television Awards last night.

“It’s a bit of a shock that it’s a surprise to everyone that it should be supported.

“I know I do not speak just on behalf of the women here, I speak on behalf of the men and the women.”

Well said, Jodie.

The actress will now be paid the same as her Doctor Who predecessor, Peter Capaldi.

We can’t wait to see her take on the famous role!